Japanese sportswear brand ASICS unveiled a powerful global mission through which it aims to inspire and encourage people of all ages to be healthy, energized, and happy by doing sports. The message is part of the “I MOVE ME” campaign and represents the multinational company’s most significant rebranding initiative in 25 years.

Developed with the help of PR agency Edelman and in conjunction with Bruce Mau Design, the campaign will be revealed one big city at a time. The first major town to enjoy the ASICS’s sport benefits is London. Creative OOH panels and other special visual treats displayed across the city simply lure pedestrians to embrace sports and discover its profound and positive impacts.

Simultaneously with the launch of the initiative’s first event titled I Move London, the most populous English city opens its doors to the International Association of Athletic Federations (IAAF) World Championships, which takes place from 4th to 13th August. The sporting event attracted an official partnership between ASICS and IAAF and provided an extra touch to the after-event athletic encouragement.

“We’re extremely excited to work with ASICS on a campaign that will encourage Londoners to positively disrupt their every day with exercise – even long after the Championships have finished,” said the IAAF President, Seb Coe.

The project’s purpose is to challenge people to give up their train tickets in exchange of new trainers. ASICS surprises commuters with a glowing installation, which offers competitors the chance to discover the city as never seen it before.

Titled “Run the Tube,” the amazing tunnel equipment represents the company’s multisensory reward for those who keep improving their well-being through various kinds of sports. Furthermore, Spotify has provided music for the LED corridor, so you can find the perfect motivation to continue moving.

Made with the help of production company Unit9, the campaign includes a series of videos attributed to both I MOVE ME and I Move London initiatives. Moreover, Edelman completed the experience with research, consumer communications, events and athlete sponsorships, plus much more to follow including digital content and experiential activations.

The launch of the inspiring campaign happens at the same time along with the opening of ASICS’s largest flagship store worldwide where consumers can try out all four brands sold by the Japanese company.

The bold program commenced by the athletic equipment company marks the brand’s desire to establish a stronger relationship with its consumers. Paul Miles, Senior General Manager at ASICS Corporation explains that the campaign takes on “an approach with a purpose that [they] truly believe in, it’s more than just a brand campaign, it’s a mission to get people moving.”

The associated films are all about exploring some of London’s most beautiful locations and they feature ASICS’s global community of creative and sports enthusiasts.

Along with the encouraging videos, the brand asks and supports people to move and share their overall sporting mood on social media, using the #IMoveLondon and #IMoveMe hashtags.

Have a look at the campaign’s short films that kicked off in London and let us know if they’ve managed to awaken your sportive spirit:


Client: ASICS

Agency: Edelman

Creative director: Jamie Cordwell

Planner: Prashant Yadave

Global account lead: Fiona Berwick, Edelman

Account Director: James Donovan

Head of content: Ben Hooper

Producer: Waiming Wee

Production company: Unit9

Director: A Common Future (Tom Elliott and Simon Reichel)

Director of photography: Tom Elliott

Editor: Simon Reichel

Producer: Harry Starkey-Midha

Production manager: Nurjan Nevzat

Production Assistant: Joe Youens

Sound design and composer: Chris Banks