For over 125 years, premium Spanish beer brand San Miguel has traveled around the world in search of enriching experiences. Exploring the globe from east to west and north to south, the brand set to find people with inspirational stories. It has found individuals who share a thirst and passion for new adventures and unforgettable experiences. Motivated by these unique people, San Miguel compelled its own “Rich List,” an alternative to the Sunday Times’ Rich List, proving that humans can find their inner peace and become wealthy through noteworthy moments, not just through money.

The clever campaign was implemented in 2016 with the aim of celebrating life’s special treats. It also gives an insight into how one can achieve a state of enlightenment from outstanding experiences only.

Created in partnership with Pablo London agency, The Discovery Channel, and The Guardian, the docu-style campaign presented to the public inspirational stories of 20 people who seek wealth in life adventures. Following last year’s success, the company decided to continue its journey and bring to light other people who are willing to become rich through non-profitable moments.

For the second consecutive year, San Miguel and 20 adventurers from around the world embarked on a new one-of-a-kind journey. These selected individuals share stories that resonate with the brand’s strong belief to roam free wherever the heart follows and do whatever pleases the mind.

Much like the brand’s forefathers, who shared a huge passion for discovery, the list includes some of the world’s most life-rich people, ranging from a social explorer, oceanographer, surfboard maker, urban beekeeper to an architectural pastry chef, volcano hunter, or even a not-so-regular blacksmith.

In addition to these fascinating explorers, San Miguel recruited author and photographer Levison Wood to act as a judge at the Rich List panel.

The brand worked closely with ESI Media to compile the list, which was officially launched at a special event held at London’s iconic Somerset House on October 12th. Throughout the event, participants’ thirst was quenched with special products from San Miguel’s portfolio, like non-alcoholic Especial, and the newly launched San Miguel Gluten Free Ale.

During the occasion, attendees were treated to a challenging VR experience. They navigated through a maze-like world inspired by Adrian Fisher and had the chance to follow the life experiences of blind explorer Miles Hilton-Barber. The stories of featured personas are also supported by a print supplement, which is distributed via ES Magazine, cinema, VOD, and PR.

To promote the movement, the London-based agency crafted a one-and-a-half-minute-long video titled “Treehouse Masters” featuring Takashi Kobayashi, Japan’s pioneer tree-house maker, and his team. The cinema ad follows Takashi and his crew’s craftsmanship to build nature-inspired structures that “blend the boundaries between man and the natural world.”


Client: San Miguel

Agency: Pablo London

Photography: Sam Barker