Venables Bell & Partners and Audi USA had already proven to the world that they are very good partners. Even Batman and Robin would probably be jealous of them. Together they make such a great team that they have managed to give birth to some fantastic ad campaigns.

That’s exactly the case of a commercial dubbed “Daughter,” which Audi launched just in time for Super Bowl. And also of “Audi Orchestra,” an ad that shows the brand’s vehicles using their engines to beautifully reinterpret the soundtrack of some of the most popular TV series. But now… Oh, now it’s time for a treat and for you to see what happens to these cars before they hit the road.

If we were sure that the next ads won’t be as good as this one, we’d say that this is the climax of their partnership. Fortunately for all of us, Audi and VB&P will probably continue their collaboration with other interesting adverts. Now, let’s focus on the latest one that introduces the “Night Watchman,” a security guard starring in a cinematic story that portrays him patrolling the halls of a testing facility in the middle of the night.

The experience, which unfolds in two parts, takes the viewers into the heart of the Audi factory. There, we meet the watchman who guides us throughout the plant, where one can witness what it takes to design the powerful Audi cars.

“Night Watchman: Part 1” spins around the Audi A7 and debuted as a TV commercial on September 6th. The short film captures our security guard guarding the premises whilst describing how the car gets born. Viewers are virtually walked from cold rooms to extremely hot ones and, as they advance, become witnesses to the manufacturing process of the powerful car.

First, we are presented with a series of engineers putting the car under the harsh conditions of ice and fire. Then, viewers are welcomed into another part of the factory, where a team of designers meticulously crafts the car’s last details. Key ingredients such as accuracy, precision, and maximum attention merge to form nothing else than the invincible Audi A7.

In “Night Watchman: Part 2,” the same security guard narrates another adventure in which the high-performance capabilities of the brand-new Audi A6 are revealed to the audience. Shrouded in mystery and drama, viewers are able to catch a glimpse of what the car is really like: “Controlled fury. Freakish intelligence. Wicked seduction.” These are just some of the characteristics that promise to challenge your mind and “the contents of your stomach,” concludes the video.

Both films end with the tagline “Progress is never satisfied,” with the brand basically stating that it will not find its peace until it achieves perfection in automotive innovation. The second part of the campaign is currently available online but could be spotted on TV starting October 1st.

These are the all-new, heart-pounding Audis. Do you have what it takes to drive such cars?


Client: Audi USA

Agency: Venables Bell & Partners