Artificial Intelligence Conference

Artificial Intelligence Conference

From the latest tools and industry best practices to finance and robotics, the Artificial Intelligence Conference explores the most pressing issues in intelligence engineering and applied AI.

The Artificial Intelligence Conference brings the growing AI community together to explore the essential issues and innovations in applied AI. You’ll delve into practical business applications, compelling use cases, rock-solid technical skills, tear-downs of successful AI projects, and dissections of failures in these key topic areas:

  • AI in the enterprise: Executive Briefings, case studies and use cases, industry-specific applications
  • The impact of AI on business and society: automation, safety, regulation
  • Implementing AI projects: applications, tools, architecture, security
  • Interacting with AI: design, metrics, product management, bots
  • Models and methods: algorithms, vision/speech/emotion, deep learning, data, training

Are you a developer, engineer, designer, or product manager leveraging AI to build your company’s next great product or service? Or an executive, entrepreneur, or innovator faced with making difficult strategic decisions to navigate the impact of AI on your organization? Join the Artificial Intelligence Conference 2019 and experience an unsurpassed depth and breadth in technical content—with a laser-sharp focus on the most important AI developments for business.

Why should you attend? If you want to understand how AI will change the business landscape or are working with deep learning or AI (or plan to be)—join the AI Conference. You’ll:

  • Be among the people who understand how you can leverage the promise of this huge change, and survive the resulting disruption
  • Find new ways to leverage your AI assets across industries and disciplines
  • Learn how to take AI from science project to real business application
  • Discover learning, hiring, and career opportunities
  • Meet-face-to face with other innovators and thought leaders

“Thanks for the great conference. Can’t wait to put some of the things we learned into practice and hope to be back next year!”
Carl Hinkle

“The past 2 days were really inspiring! Met great people with brilliant ideas!”
Eric Martel‏


Business Analysts, Business Managers, strategists, and decision makers, Research Scientists, Software Engineers, and many more...