Beyond Tellerrand

Beyond Tellerrand

In 2010 Marc Thiele founded Beyond Tellerrand. The name expresses the aim that everybody involved wants to look a bit further, look beyond the edge. It also reflects the global perspective of the event. The expression is a mix of the English word “beyond” and the German phrase “Über den Tellerrand schauen,” which means “Think outside the box”. The exact translation of the sentence is “Take a look beyond the edge of the plate.”

Beyond Tellerrand takes place in Düsseldorf in May and Berlin in November each year, selling out with 500 attendees each time. In 2018, Munich was added to the list of shows as well.

The community spirit and family atmosphere at Beyond Tellerrand are truly special and lead to an intense and memorable experience for all.

“Believe it or not, I usually don’t like big places/events with many human beings whom I have to interact with, a big introvert here! But Beyond Tellerrand has a very cozy and friendly atmosphere and I am very lucky to have had my first speaking experience in such inviting environment and community grown by marc.”
Dina Amin

“Beyond Tellerrand was a delightful experience for me, both as a speaker and an attendee. The talks were inspiring, and the attention to detail was remarkable.”
Kate Kiefer Lee

*Given the ever-changing status of the Coronavirus pandemic, the schedules of several events are changing. To see their latest updates, please visit each event’s respective website.


15+ Speakers;
500+ Attendees