Big Data & Analytics for Pharma Summit

Big Data & Analytics for Pharma Summit

With big data & analytics technologies re-shaping the pharmaceutical industry, a plethora of experts offer their knowledge within the space at the Big Data & Analytics for Pharma Summit 2018. Expect two days of inspiring, educational & informative presentations, panel sessions & networking opportunities.

When attending the event you can learn about:

  • Patient-Centricity
    Utilizing all available data, often from a variety of diff/disparate sources, in order to personalize treatment to the patient.
  • Use of Real World Data/Real World Evidence
    Data to identify gaps in patient care, improving quality of care and patient outcomes.
  • Real World Data Usage in Clinical Trials & what trials may look like in the future
  • Data Opportunities for Commercial Analytics
    Including customer targeting/segmentation and customer engagement.
  • Privacy/Regulatory Issues
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20+ Industry Leading Speakers;
150+ Senior Level Attendees; and more...