Brand Design Conference

Brand Design Conference

The aim of this new design-led conference is to establish a fresh forum for brand research and discussion, putting design (both as a process and a humanist approach) at its core as one of the most relevant disciplines of branding itself. It is expected that inter and transdisciplinary aspects of design-led branding methods, approaches, and experiences can be discussed.

The Brand Design Conference seeks mainly to focus on the vital and underrepresented role of design theories and practices in branding, unveiling design’s potential to create brands and the wider impact of design in branding.

The two-day conference will address the role of design in brand-oriented innovation processes, the emerging forms of brand design practice, and the possible links between design researchers and practitioners to learn from each other, creating better opportunities for emerging designers.

Ultimately, the event aims at establishing an annual international forum for the discussion and exchange of brand strategies and creativity techniques/methodologies/applications.

With design being an omnipresent discipline, a default human condition, and a conscious instrument in the development of a brand (a promise of functional or experiential quality), potentially every subject field will benefit.

This conference will welcome:

  • Researchers and academics
  • Designers, brand managers, planners, and business leaders
  • Students (students in the areas of branding and design studies, advertising and media studies and rhetorical domains, visual culture and technology-mediated communication fields).

The event is brought to you by London School of Film, Media and Design, University of West London. The school represents a centre of excellence and a vibrant hub of creative learning that offers professionally oriented courses designed and developed with an input from employers and industry specialists. The institution’s inspirational staff and state-of-the-art facilities will empower you to unlock your creative potential and become ‘work ready’ in the fast-paced, creative skills economy.

“Design is the craft of Branding.” Sir John Hegarty


Researchers and academics, designers, brand managers, planners, and business leaders, as well as students.