BrandingNITE 2017

BrandingNITE 2017


Brandingmag is coming to Romania with a one-of-a-kind event. The magazine invites branding enthusiasts to BrandingNITE – the night of branding insomnia – a networking night about branding, marketing, and technology. It plans to finally take branding out of advertising’s shadow and resolve some of the industry’s biggest questions along with the local elite. Branding is an ambiguity, a mystery for many entrepreneurs, local authorities, and even marketing specialists. BrandingNITE aims to open branding; it looks to unravel the enigma that spins around it and shed a light on the industry by bringing together its stakeholders: Romania’s top branding specialists, the Romanian Design Council, brand representatives, university heads, and over 500 marketers, creatives, and entrepreneurs – they will analyze the causes of branding’s insomnia and debate potential solutions that can benefit the industry, as a whole.

Unfolding over the span of a night, each branding agency will showcase inspiring presentations devoted to their strategic and creative work within their dedicated lounges, engaging with the participants. Throughout the event, Brandingmag seeks to empower attendees to not only find new sources of inspiration, but also transform the event into a communication platform by voicing their challenges, as well as establishing promising collaborations with innovative agencies and other branding enthusiasts. Halfway through, the event will turn into a party thanks to music brought by the best DJs from Virgin Radio.

The event will also benefit from the involvement of the Romanian Design Council, a non-profit organization that brings together all design educational programs across Romania, links professionals with academia, and design with technology and business stakeholders. By facilitating the gathering of all local branding authorities – from local businesses and universities to NGO’s and brands – BrandingNITE aims to generate long-term changes meant to take the Romanian industry to the next level. The event targets specialized audiences from the fields of branding, marketing, and technology, but it is also open for students, amateurs, or business professionals that wish to meet the industry.

Editor-in-Chief Flavia Anghelof our sister site Brandingmag, will moderate the event and guide attendees through the industry’s secrets.

Held at night, the event wants to offer a live discussion and interaction platform. Its primary objectives focus on bringing managing professionals in touch with branding specialists and shine a light on the vital distinction between branding and advertising. Also, the conference offers a chance for participating agencies to make their work known to the audience.

The event is powered by Brandingmag, the original branding magazine, an independent journal narrating the discussion around branding with thought leadership from across the globe.


10 agencies;
500+ marketers, creatives, and entrepreneurs