Digiday Brand Summit Europe

Digiday Brand Summit Europe

Few senior executive positions will be subject to as much change as the CMO ones. Technology has catapulted the role to new levels of importance, pushing CMOs to be just as comfortable being the steward of brand perception as managing media spend in-house or defining narratives around brand values.

The Digiday Brand Summit Europe will examine the evolution of the brand marketer, how the role has become strategic and how the DNA of brands as we know them are changing. Join hundreds of brand marketers for three days of honest insight and new connections.

Digital technology has shattered previous business norms across most industries. What was once simple and mostly unchanged is now complex and constantly changing. That’s challenged how organizations organize themselves and, most importantly, collaborate with both internal and external partners.

The Digiday Brand Summit is centered on the precept that those who will thrive in the digital economy are those organizations with flexible structures that encourage collaboration internally and externally. The summit’s content will revolve around collaboration, and the event itself will weave collaborative challenges throughout.

At the Digiday Brand Summit, top marketers will display how the dominance of the Web and its impact on consumer behavior has made the social content king. Leading brand marketers will present real-life examples of what they’ve learned about content creation, social community building and its impact on consumer relationships and brand loyalty.

Amongst the past attendees there were:

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