Digital Summit

Digital Summit

Attendees at the Digital Summit are influencing the future of their company’s digital marketing and strategic success. The conference’s attendees are the movers and shakers across the digital marketing spectrum. They come from a wide variety of companies and organizations — including national brands, agencies, service providers, technology pioneers, media, B2B providers, associations & nonprofits, startups, and much more. Join them and you’ll be able to indulge in the following features:

Intriguing Content
65+ in-depth sessions & workshops will not only help the attendees stay ahead of the latest digital trends but also provide them with lots of practical, game-changing takeaways they can immediately apply to their marketing strategy. The visitors might need a second brain to pack it all in.

Professional Speakers
Summit-goers can learn directly from the brands and thought leaders who are making the biggest impact on the world’s economy — now and into the future. They will be able to get under the hood and stay ahead of the strategic curve with companies like Google, CBS, Home Depot, Salesforce, NYT, and more.

Productive Networking
It’s the all-important “hallway track.” Hundreds of seasoned marketers, strategists, designers, and more (just like you!) will attend the summit. You never know what inspiration, partnerships, or business deals you’ll leave with after two days at Digital Summit.

The 2018 Summit’s thought leaders and visionaries included:

“I haven’t missed a year! I walk away each year with great reminders, new ideas and vendor suggestions. You guys have grown this thing that gets better each year.”
2017 Digital Summit attendee