DMWF Conference & Expo Europe

DMWF Conference & Expo Europe

#DMWF Conference & Expo Europe 2019 aims to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to understand and address your future challenges across digital marketing and social media.

Presented in a series of inspirational keynotes and panel discussions delivered by experts in the industry, #DMWF features sessions covering: digital strategy, brand recognition, e-commerce, influencer marketing, content marketing, data, analytics, personalization, automation, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and mobile marketing across two conference tracks.

Session topics include:

  • Forming an interactive digital content marketing strategy to increase engagement
  • Exploring the value of your website analytics
  • The value of diversity in marketing
  • Understand how VR and 360 are transforming the marketing and communication industries
  • Understanding the way AI is going to revolutionize and impact on the way brands interact with customers
  • Marketing to Generation Z and exploring short-lived content
  • The future of social media, live streaming, and online chat
  • E-Commerce initiatives to build future growth
  • Building authentic influencer relationships with brand ambassadors
  • Effective data-driven marketing automation using personalization and targeting

Who attends? Below is a breakdown of all people who visited #DMWF Conference & Expo Europe in the past.

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800+ Attendees;
100+ Speakers;
40+ Exhibitors