Email Insider Summit

Email Insider Summit

Consumers are immersed and seasoned in digital now, but they challenge marketers with high expectations and short attention spans. The tools to meet this challenging opportunity are assembling to serve deeply personalized experiences. But it isn’t all about the robots. It takes truly customer-centric service to get through the noise. It isn’t the tech but the implementation. This requires a customer-first point of view, savvy use of automation, and alignment across the marketing organization.

Join the Email Insider Summit as it explores how organizations are using email to develop customer experiences and how to speak to customers without trying to sell a product. At the conference, attendees will be discussing topics like automation, personalization, acquisition, predictive marketing, and cross-organization collaboration strategies.

You’ll hear from leading experts about how GDPR is affecting email marketing in the EU and you’ll learn the best practices on how to adapt to new regulations. Leading brands will also discuss how they are using automation to create customer journeys, as well as how to build an email program from scratch.

“A 3-day packed program together with excellent, data-driven CRM/Email Brand colleagues and suppliers… All who provide a great interaction and in-depth knowledge. The mix of presentations, panel discussions and roundtables was perfect.”
Marjon Leggedoor, E-mail Marketing Manager, ABN AMRO Bank

“EIS Europe is an excellent event for email and CRM professionals from brands and suppliers to meet, collaborate, share ideas and learn at the same time as having lots of fun! Great venues and inspiring content that shouldn’t be missed!”

Christina Large, Account Director, Alchemy Worx


15+ Speakers