Google Cloud Next: Digital Connect

Google Cloud Next: Digital Connect

Next ’20 Google Cloud Next is a three-day global exhibition of inspiration, innovation, and education where attendees learn from one another how the cloud can transform how people work and power everyone’s successes.

Get your hands dirty and participate in thousands of inventor demonstrations, code labs, breakouts, conversations, boot camps, keynotes, leadership panels, and plenty more.

CEOs, NGOs, developers, and anyone passionate about an accessible, scalable, socially responsible cloud come together to share challenges, solutions, 10x ideas, and game-changing technologies.

Google is transforming the event into Google Cloud Next ’20: Digital Connect, a free, global, digital-first, multi-day event connecting its attendees to Next ’20 content and each other through streamed keynotes, breakout sessions, interactive learning and digital “ask an expert” sessions with Google teams.

Innovation is in Google’s DNA and it is leveraging this strength to bring you an immersive and inspiring event this year without the risk of travel.

Application Development
How can you design, deploy, and scale applications faster? What tools help you build compelling experiences that win people’s hearts and minds? These sessions will focus on Google’s serverless application environments, cloud-native containerized applications, and frontends with Firebase.

Collaboration & Productivity
Learn how to empower your teams to do their best work, together, with G Suite. Attendees will discuss how Google protects your information, show how machine intelligence can help your teams work smarter and faster, and introduce partners who are building integrations across G Suite.

Data Analytics
Hear from leading enterprise customers and Google engineers who are making data their differentiator. Learn how to execute queries in seconds with BigQuery. Understand how to ingest data at scale for real-time insights with Cloud Dataflow, Cloud Pub/Sub, and Apache Beam.

Infrastructure & Operations
Get best practices on reducing costs, modernizing infrastructure, and moving faster with Google’s compute, networking, storage, security, DevOps, and cloud operations. Sessions will cover designing a cloud migration strategy and managing multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments.

Learn how Google’s IoT platform helps you extract, manage, and analyze data from your globally dispersed devices. Speakers will share tips and tricks on how to capture IoT data from a few hundred to several millions of devices — and demonstrate how to analyze data in real-time.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
How can you use AI to make smarter decisions, deliver better customer experiences, and build intelligent applications? Whether you’re a data scientist or a developer, learn how to inject AI into your business with Google’s Cloud AI services, ML libraries, and APIs.

Mobility & Devices
Learn how to better deploy, manage, and develop for the Google ecosystem of devices and platforms including Chrome OS, Android, and Chrome browser. Sessions will show you how to maximize your investment in the cloud with a more secure, connected workforce.

How are you protecting your data and applications while ensuring compliance? Learn about Google’s multi-layered secured infrastructure and security model in sessions that cover how they approach regulations and unique security tools you can use with Google Cloud Platform and G Suite.

*Given the ever-changing status of the Coronavirus pandemic, the schedules of several events are changing. To see their latest updates, please visit each event’s respective website.


Sundar Pichai, CEO, Google and Alphabet;
Thomas Kurian, CEO, Google Cloud;
Kelsey Hightower, Developer and Open Source Advocate, Google Cloud; and many others...