I-COM Global Summit

I-COM Global Summit

Annually, I-COM produces a major face-to-face gathering of the Marketing Data elite called the I-COM Global Summit. It is a leading Marketing Data & Measurement Strategy event, where the who’s who from Smart Data Marketing from around the world gather to inspire, connect, and develop.

The Summit enables an intimate open atmosphere for the attendees to build their Data Ecosystem dream team by being invitation-only, premium, and artistically crafted.

I-COM Awards

I-COM has pioneered a series of prestigious competitions to provide its community with:

  • Recognition of the latest ground-breaking work in Smart Data Marketing
  • Unique opportunity to identify potential partners for one’s Data Ecosystem
  • Guideline to help companies transform
  • Inspiration for one’s own potential project ideas

“This has been absolutely beautiful as a venue. Andreas brought a very impressive group of senior people in the industry. It’s like an amassing feast – feast of food, great networking opportunities, and great data and content.”
Andy Brown – Chairman/CEO, Kantar Media, UK

“It is very interesting to see where data stops and human decision takes over, which was one of the aims of the conference for me.”
Christophe Jouan – CEO And Co-Owner, Foresight Factory International, UK


Paul Van Gendt, CMI Director for People Data Centre, Unilever;
Om Marwah, Global Head of Behavioral Science, Walmart;
Guibert Tchinde, Global Data Acceleration Leader, Pernod Ricard; and many others...