MarTech West

MarTech West

MarTech is a conference that delivers a vendor-agnostic, graduate-level marketing, technology, and management perspective designed to help you succeed in this software-powered marketing world.

At MarTech, speakers cross-pollinate the best ideas and latest innovations in marketing, technology, and management. But more importantly, the event reveals the beautiful entanglements between them.

MarTech is a tech conference for marketers and marketing conference for technologists. Management, as a discipline, is an integral and essential part of the program.

Not every organization is ready for marketing, technology, and management to converge. The summit’s mission is to enable the present and future leaders who recognize the synergies between these disciplines to drive change and demonstrate the power of a united Martech tribe.

MarTech Is…

  • A blended curriculum of marketing, technology, and management topics that unearths new possibilities, reveals emerging opportunities and affirms the work you do.
  • Two incredibly intense days of sessions and networking; an unequaled chance to meet your peers and connect with leading marketing technology vendors.
  • Designed for hybrid leaders charged with breaking down silos and assembling marketing technology stacks that deliver exceptional results for their organizations.
  • A dynamic, intelligent community that will help accelerate your career and empower you to become a stronger, more confident professional.

MarTech Isn’t…

  • Focused on any particular vertical or industry (we believe that revelations can come from unexpected places).
  • A place to learn how to manage any particular tool or technology (if you want that, then you should head to a vendor-specific show).
  • Beholden to one software or professional services firm looking to hock its wares (the summit’s singular focus is your experience, not making next quarter’s sales quota).

“Excellent presenters that have vast industry knowledge and were very informative and it’s a fantastic forum to meet and discuss issues and solutions with marketing technologist peers.”
Shawn McCallum, Dell

“One of the best shows I’ve been to (and been to many). Content focused and on track – rock-star speakers.”
Mitchel Ahern, Cantina

*Given the ever-changing status of the Coronavirus pandemic, the schedules of several events are changing. To see their latest updates, please visit each event’s respective website.


2,200+ Attendees