MobileTech Conference is a conference for mobile technologies in the German-speaking countries. The three-day event brings together experts from all areas of mobile product development. The conference focuses on iOS, Android, and cross-platform development, the mobile web as well as mobile backends and user experience (UX).

The main conference will unfold as follows:

  • International speakers and industry experts
  • Insightful keynotes addressing actual trends and best practices
  • Expo reception with top IT companies
  • Goodies: laptop backpack, T-shirt, magazines etc.
  • Included: lunch buffet, snacks, and refreshments

Workshop day (March 25) includes:

  • Workshops with national and international speakers
  • Expert knowledge from experienced speakers
  • From beginner level to expert knowledge
  • Buffet, snacks, and refreshments

Among this year’s speakers,¬†you will be to find the following personas:

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