National Women’s Business Conference

National Women’s Business Conference

This year’s theme is “Work Well, Live Well.” Women entrepreneurs’ lives are a journey, never a destination. They run successful businesses and households, give back to the communities, advocate for causes they care most about, and nurture other life passions.

The conference is constantly focusing, refocusing, pushing, pausing, inventing, reinventing, stretching and balancing—and growing every step of the way along the many paths these women take. Join your NAWBO community as the event embraces this exciting journey together to “work well, live well”!

“I am fortunate to be a woman in America who was given the opportunity to achieve her dream. I want women everywhere to have that same opportunity and am pleased to work with the NAWBO Institute for Entrepreneurial Development to increase opportunities for women entrepreneurs.”
Sara Blakely, Spanx founder and head of The Sara Blakely Foundation

“NAWBO is a great organization for women entrepreneurs that provides an outlet for women business owners across the country to share their creativity an inspire and support each other in their pursuits.”
Katrina Markoff, Founder, CEO and Chocolatier of Vosges Haut Chocolat and Wild Ophelia


40+ Keynote Speakers