NUX7 Manchester

NUX7 Manchester

The NUX7 is an all-day event in Manchester focused on how an understanding of people can help you define, design, and build better experiences, on the web and beyond. With international speakers from some of the biggest digital brands, the day will provide a wealth of practical experience you can apply right away.

The event is organized by the volunteers at Northern User Experience (NUX) in conjunction with Manchester Digital. NUX is an informal, volunteer-run community for people interested in usability, HCI, information design, and all aspects of the user experience in the North of England. Its membership is as diverse as the field itself, with developers, designers, academics, usability specialists, accessibility experts, and technical authors.

Past speakers include: Jeff Gothelf, author of Lean UX and Sense and Respond; Amber Case, author of Calm Technology, Design for the Next Generation of Devices; Craig Sullivan, Conversion Optimisation Specialist; and others…


Previous attendees included: Christina Wodtke, Steve Portigal, Alison Coward, Lisa deBettencourt, Christopher Murphy, Gavin Elliott, and many others...