Search Elite

Search Elite

Search Elite is for the technically minded who need to get their geek on! Bringing you masses of actionable takeaways for an enormous ROI.

This is the fourth event in the Search Elite series. The event’s speakers are part of the SEO industry and the attendees are intermediary to advanced in tech level, with the majority either decision makers or influencers.

The knowledge shared at the event is packed full of actionable takeaways. Search Elite provides a day out of the office that creates some serious ROI for people in Search.

What will be covered?

  • New Interfaces – Voice, visual, apps, video
  • Next generation technical SEO – Structured markup, performance optimization
  • JavaScript – Angular, React, etc

Moreover, you can experience deep CRO learning from some of the world’s leading practitioners. Together with speakers drill down into growth hacking, experimentation neuromarketing, biometrics, and much more. They will show you how to create a CRO strategy using some of the best and most effective tools.  The Conversion Elite programme has been developed with the help of Search Elite’s advisory board of industry recognized leading CRO practitioners.

“I’m so pleased to be part of this event because Search Elite is bringing a new, much-needed approach to the search arena … it’s essentially all of the smart stuff that isn’t link building, content marketing etc aimed at the ‘I’m a technical geek and I want to level up’ audience … the Search & Conversion Elite conference is about sophisticated SEO and CRO; advanced technical and user-centric marketing which is pushing the envelope around new techniques and thinking.”
Jono Alderson, Search Elite Advisor

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Previous attendees included:
Jes Scholz, International Digital Director at Ringier AG;
Bastian Grimm, Director Organic Search at Peak Ace;
Russell McAthy, Russell McAthy, CEO, Cubed; and many others...