Telco Data Analytics Europe

Telco Data Analytics Europe

The 5th annual Telco Data Analytics Europe conference includes keynote presentations from the likes of SKY and Apple who will discuss best practice and cross-industry collaboration.

Hear from leaders responsible for the development of network architecture, discuss the role data analytics plays in enhancing network efficiency and performance. Discover how to avoid network failure with predictive analytics and learn the latest practice around network automation.

The time is ripe for new forms of data monetization in an era where traditional sources of revenue are on the decline. Learn to better leverage customer insights to reverse customer churn, hear how real-time data-driven marketing techniques and autonomous customer care can future-proof your business goals.

Apple & Stanford University Data Science Workshop
This workshop presents a high-level overview of three main topics: basic analysis and visualization of data, introductory machine learning concepts, and basic programming in R (a programming language that is widely used for data analysis).

The workshop will include hands-on, interactive problem-solving. Examples will come from real-world problems in weather, marketing, biology, stocks, neuroscience, medicine, and other disciplines. By the end of the workshop, attendees will be able to apply data science techniques to real-world applications in order to draw meaningful conclusions.


250+ Attendees