WOW! This Is USA

WOW! This Is USA

Are you a student? Do you think of yourself as a creative person? This is your opportunity to show what you’ve got to the world!

The WOW! This Is USA Creative Competition for students is the challenge you’ve been waiting for. Let your imagination run wild without the pressure of having to get good grades at school or having to deliver your work on a super-tight deadline.

The USA is one of the most famous and well-known countries in the world. Its territory is as vast as it is diverse and so are their people and traditions, which makes this challenge that much more interesting as you’ll be asked to come up with the best concept for the new USA country brand.

Your work will be reviewed by a top-notch jury and you’ll get the chance to win amazing prizes as well as see your work published in some of the most prestigious industry magazines. You’ll also get participation certificates and direct feedback from the jury to help you improve and keep growing as a designer.

This is not just another competition, This is USA has an incredible jury formed by Irene van Nes (author of Dynamic Identities), Svein Haakon Lia (Founding partner at Bleed), Veronica Fuerte (Founding partner at Hey) and Nicolás Ortega (Digital Director of Y&R Colombia) and some amazing sponsors such as Brandingmag and, IdN, Y&R and Novum.

It’s time to let your mind create and do what you really love to do!

About WOW!

WOW! Student Creative Competitions is an organization that aims to empower and promote creativity in students around the world through friendly, fun and challenging competitions.

WOW! competitions offer students the chance to create without the pressure of grades while also giving them the opportunity to work side by side with different teammates and get feedback from a much broader panel of colleagues and professionals. The competition aims to complement and enrich the learning experience of those talented minds that are just finding out what their passion in life is and that will, without a doubt, shape the world we live in in the years to come.

The main prizes for this year’s event include 2000€ cash, publication of the winners’ project on our website & a one-year subscription to Brandingmag. Participants might also win a subscription to Novum Magazine (3 issues), a one-year subscription to WeTransfer Plus account, and publication of your project in

The exercise

For this year’s exercise, participants will assume that the United States has commissioned them to renew its country brand. The goal is to create a visual identity system capable of graphically communicating everything the US has to offer both from a cultural and an economic point of view. The visual system you create must be flexible enough to meet the standards of a variety of institutions ranging from political to cultural and also adapt over time to the new contexts and realities that the country might face. The new brand should, therefore, integrate all sectors of the American society giving up on singularities in favour of the common grounds, creating a notion of globality capable of also remarking the local.

Everyone can submit their work from September 18th, 2017 until January 15th, 2018 (including the last day).

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