Advanced Branding and Positioning

Advanced Branding and Positioning

Effective branding that hits a memorable, emotional chord with your audience is more difficult than ever for marketers. The average person in a mid-sized city is now hit with around 10,000 advertising messages every day. Your customers–in B2B and B2C environments–are also inundated with messages from countless online and traditional media channels. How do you develop an own-able, valuable and memorable brand position for your organization, company, products, and services that resonate with target audiences and create the feelings and actions you desire?

What to Expect

Learn how to use data and information to develop customer insights that will serve as the foundation for your brand and positioning strategy. This workshop covers the science and art of branding, the process for arriving at a position and the tools for developing a brand expression that accurately reflects your uniqueness. You’ll learn how to arrive at a brand strategy and the elements needed for expressing the brand including design, colors, tone, and images. We’ll also cover brand activation through integrated communications planning and employee activation and how to measure the effectiveness of your new brand and position campaign.


  • Understand the key drivers within your organization, the industry and the competitive environment that define brand positioning. How do social, political and cultural influences impact strategic branding?
  • Learn how to distill insights–aha! moments–from data and information to create an emotional connection with audiences and drive action in B2B and B2C marketing.
  • Determine how to express your brand position through design and content.
  • Develop brand guidelines for your organization, products and/or services that create a consistent customer experience.
  • Create internal and external communications plans and determine how to measure brand effectiveness.

Who Should Attend?

Marketing leaders in any organization–private, public or nonprofit–who are either directly responsible for or have heavy influence over developing brand strategy and positioning should attend this workshop. The processes, tools and exercises covered in this session will help define the branding for entire organizations or individual products and services.

*Given the ever-changing status of the Coronavirus pandemic, the schedules of several events are changing. To see their latest updates, please visit each event’s respective website.