College of Extraordinary Experiences

College of Extraordinary Experiences

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People living in ever-growing expectations for bonding, meaning, personal development and well-being need a new approach in order to stand out and avoid becoming commoditised. The College of extraordinary Experiences is a designed experience journey that aims to equip participants with mindset, insights, and network to step in the Experience Economy and design something truly extraordinary.

At the College, you learn through story and play. This year you will have to pass through a series of trials designed by the College professors. Then, together with the professors, you will overcome bigger challenges that will strengthen you into a better experience designer.

Throughout the five days at The College, you will be taught to utilize the College’s core experience staging tools:

  • Flexible Focus: Shifting attention from detail to the big picture
  • Co-Creation: Having a sandbox where everyone can easily contribute
  • Rapid Prototyping: Pivoting based on feedback from fast iterations

“Wow… Talking about the first event I ever attended that truly walked the talk! I went down the rabbit hole and feel I can really say I came out a different person on the other end.”
Miranda von Brück, Program Director, Meeting Professionals International (MPI)

“It was one of the most exhilarating, challenging, educational, and meaningful experiences of my life. Plus, they gave us the run of a 113th-century castle to do it in! Thank you to The College of Extraordinary Experiences for the opportunity to be professors among such people.”
Chadney Everett, Art Director, Meow Wolf


Damian Madray, Founder, Presence;
Eric Gradman, CTO, Two Bit Circus;
Søren Maribo, Co-Founder, LetsPlay;
Alexander Grots, Founder, Bashiru;
Jesper Toft, Chief Consultant, CfL;
Mogens Fog, Director, CfL; and many many others...