Design Matters

Design Matters

Design Matters is a place for inspiring, competent, visionary, nerdy, engaging talks, workshops, and discussions about the work and role of digital designers now and in the future. The two-day conference believes that design matters! Therefore, it seeks to get inspired by the best and most happening companies from around the world, to bring design practitioners together to share their stories and, above all, to have fun!

For the sixth time, Design Matters brings together design practitioners from around the world for design-oriented talks, workshops, discussions and socializing in Copenhagen.

Each year, Design Matters invites speakers from leading digital products from around the world, as well as startups and independent designers. They come to talk about their design practice, challenges, and learnings, showing their work, their attempts, failures, and successes.

Last year’s themes included:

  • Design for Change
  • Be a Design Rebel
  • Immersive World & Mixed realities

Design Matters is an international and Copenhagen-based design conference. It is made by designers for designers, with designers on stage and the overall focus is always put on new movements in digital design.

*Given the ever-changing status of the Coronavirus pandemic, the schedules of several events are changing. To see their latest updates, please visit each event’s respective website.


15+ Speakers