Digiday Publishing Summit Europe

Digiday Publishing Summit Europe

Now that people know the scale is overhyped and the assumption that users do not want to pay for content is disproven, strengthening user engagement is the goal. Having a more direct relationship with audiences has not only become the key to monetization, but also a way to diversify products.

Attendees of the Digiday Publishing Summit Europe will have the chance to learn from industry leaders through smart, honest discussion and develop meaningful connections with senior executives. Join the Digiday Publishing Summit Europe to hear how publishers are focusing on audience engagement as a starting point for growth.

With an unparalleled understanding of their audiences through an abundance of data, publishers are becoming more sophisticated in how they incorporate audience insights into their product offerings – commercial and editorial. From building products around audiences, fine-tuning existing products and changing the way they work with advertisers, publishers are working towards a kind of flexibility that allows them to adapt to what they know about the audiences.

In a battle against content overload, a world dominated by the Duopoly and persistent data privacy evolution, Digiday’s Publishing Summit Europe will look at how media owners across Europe are building for audiences, sifting through data and incorporating insights.

Why attend the summit?

  • MEETINGS WITH BUY-SIDE EXECUTIVES: The 8-Minute Meetings – affectionately referred to as “speed dating” by the conference’s regular attendees – pair buy- and sell-side attendees so that they can meet, discuss their needs and decide if they want to do business together. Before the summit, you will have the chance to pick which executives you want to meet with.
  • SMALL-SCALE EVENTS FOR HIGH-IMPACT NETWORKING: You will not struggle to connect with others at a Digiday summit. Summits are always between 100 and 300 participants to ensure communication is one-on-one, not one hundred-on-one. The proportion of buy-side to sell-side attendees at summits is 60:40, so the odds as a sell-side attendee are in your favor.
  • EXCELLENT VALUE THAT KEEPS EXPENSES LOW: How much do you spend on traveling to meet prospective clients all over the country or even all over the world? Now think about how much you spend when they cancel the meeting. Fewer trips and expenses mean you don’t risk your marketing budget.
  • UNPARALLELED ATTENDEE CALIBER BUYING POWER: Digiday buy-side attendees make the purchasing decisions around marketing tools and software that make their jobs easier. This collective power is worth millions – in some cases, billions.
  • RESPECT FOR YOUR TIME, PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL: Summits almost always begin on a Wednesday and end on a Friday, giving you the beginning of the week to prepare and the weekend to rest. Summits do not run on weekends, except on very rare occasions

Last year’s attendees include:


Anna Arvidsson, Head, Bonnier News Brand Studio, Bonnier News;
Jessica Bulthe, Data Scientist Digital Advertising, Mediahuis;
Dominic Carter, Group Chief Commercial Officer, News UK; and many others...