Festival of Marketing: The Bottom Line

Festival of Marketing: The Bottom Line

Following the success of October’s digital Festival of Marketing, the summit is proud to present a series of three Festivals taking place in 2021, beginning with The Bottom Line on 23-25 March.

This virtual event will help you determine what you focus your time and money on and how to measure the success of the decisions you make. Expect provocative, practical, and punchy sessions that will help you make more effective decisions, maximize opportunities, and more accurately measure success.

What can you expect from The Bottom Line in March?

  • Day 1 — Planning for success
    The effective deployment of marketing budgets starts with a clear sense of what you are trying to do, where you want to play, and what success would look like. Discover how to start the planning process.
  • Day 2 — Making decisions
    Once you have worked out what you’re trying to achieve, you need the tools to support and inform execution. Discover how to drive the decision-making process.
  • Day 3 — Measuring success
    How to determine what good looks like and what to measure are key considerations when communicating the impact of investment to internal stakeholders and delivering a return for the company and customers. Discover what to measure and how.

The Festival helps marketers connect and reconnect with past, present, and future colleagues. With fresh ideas, disruptive new thinking, and smarter ways of working, the summit has all the excitement that made them fall in love with marketing in the first place.

The Festival of Marketing aims to deliver:

  • INSPIRATION:  Immerse yourself in marketing, learn from powerful brands and visionary individuals.
  • STRATEGIES: Walk away with knowledge and insights to supercharge your marketing.
  • SKILLS: Arm yourself with new skills to drive digital transformation, sales, loyal customers, and more.
  • UNDERSTANDING: Future trends and their implications for your industry and your marketing.
  • KNOW-HOW: To supercharge your plans driving greater efficiency and effectiveness.
  • CONNECTIONS: Collaborate and learn from your peers who are facing similar challenges.

The Festival will bring together global thought, marketing, and business leaders from some of the world’s most innovative organizations. Expect debate, provocation, insight, inspiration, and a celebration of best practices that will help you drive recovery and growth.

*Given the ever-changing status of the Coronavirus pandemic, the schedules of several events are changing. To see their latest updates, please visit each event’s respective website.


Meghan Farren, CMO, KFC;
Grace Kite, CEO & Founder, Gracious Economics;
Jerry Daykin, Senior Media Director, GSK Consumer Healthcare; and many others...