Global WINConference

Global WINConference

The WINConference provides inspiration, context, tools, knowledge, and a generous network of support for leaders to contribute authentically and integrate feminine values and global awareness into all that they do. It is an innovative and interactive program on leadership, bringing together influential change-makers and pioneers to create a world in which we all flourish.

You want to be part of a larger shift in women’s lives taking place on a global scale. You feel like widening your horizons, learning something new, and creating a more diverse and gender-balanced world for future generations. You simply have a desire to be a part of it – now! Perhaps you work for a large company and have substantial leadership experience or, you have just started your own company and are wondering how to proceed. Perhaps you are in transition and curious about your next steps.

You will be in the right place. The conference will help you get up to speed on emerging trends in business, technology, and society as well as the latest thinking on the future of work and careers, and new practices in individual growth. The conference is designed to help participants generate new awareness, skills, and connections in an inspiring and nurturing environment, enabling them to accelerate their impact in the world, at work and in their lives.

The WINConference is not only about connecting you to a magic energy and the sense that everything is possible. It is about business, running the world and organizations in a more integrated fashion, listening to women’s voices, and taking their common future seriously. It is about realizing their individual and collective dreams and highest potential.

WIN is a safe space where transformation becomes possible. Even on-line.

In fact, for many, it changes their lives. It may spark something in you that allows you to embark on a new journey or continue the one you are on with increased clarity and vitality. You learn to contribute new ideas with increased impact, take on more responsibility from new perspectives, and find refreshed purpose to make things happen. WIN is concrete – it raises awareness and creates impact. Like a nourishing garden, it accelerates your growth and encourages you to give while growing.

WIN participants say they come back with:

  • Inspiration, a sense of calm, grace, and clarity
  • The spark to start new projects and the readiness to take on new roles
  • An impactful community of support, meaningful connections, and nourishment
  • Courage to make bolder decisions
  • Confidence to lead more holistically
  • Motivation to mentor other colleagues and empower your teams
  • The understanding that “I am enough”
  • The guts to take authentic action within your company, your community, and your life.

Who will you meet and network with?

  • 90 different nationalities with a majority of participants coming from Europe
  • 10% VP, Board and CEO
  • 25% Senior Leaders
  • 29% Middle Managers
  • 10% Junior Managers
  • 9% Entrepreneurs
  • 7% men, 50% are senior leaders and 50% are middle managers/others

“WIN gave me a deep understanding of the importance of sisterhood & femininity, which I have embraced along with being a manager. It is nice to know that women around the world experience the same challenges.”
Iris Rapoport Bar, Israel

“WIN has awakened again the passion for life in me as if I have been given water after days of a long walk in a desert alone. I am a much stronger and better professional, friend and woman. I have started a new project, and to mentor and coach other women too, with the objective of helping them seize their strength and happiness.”
Yunji XU PhD, Senior Account Manager, Shell

*Given the ever-changing status of the Coronavirus pandemic, the schedules of several events are changing. To see their latest updates, please visit each event’s respective website.


WINAre attracts professional women and men with a strong sense of responsibility; influential decision-makers or opinion leaders, company executives, entrepreneurs, independent professionals, consultants, academics, artists, thought leaders, government, NGO representatives, international business school professors and students, targeted media, bloggers and influencers.