IAB Leadership Summit 2022

IAB Leadership Summit 2022

After a year off, IAB UK’s Leadership Summit annual gathering for industry leaders returns to Sopwell House, bringing senior decision-makers together to debate the big issues and shape a sustainable future for digital advertising.

What’s on the agenda?

Townhalls have formed the backbone of the Leadership Summit since its outset in 2016. Acting as a unique opportunity for industry leaders to openly discuss the biggest issues facing digital advertising and their own businesses, they provide invaluable safe space for idea sharing, problem-solving, and steering the industry.

2022’s Townhalls will be no different. Across four topics that the members and advertisers are currently grappling with, IAB invites leaders to attend and share their own experiences, points of view and to help inform the IAB’s position and direction around each issue.

Identity: balancing privacy and targeting: Balancing digital advertising’s unique ability to target individuals so effectively with respecting users’ right to privacy has brought the industry to a crossroads over the past year. In this Townhall, the conference will cover the state of the deprecation of third-party cookies, the impact of Apple’s change to IDFA, the resurgence of contextual advertising – and ask: Where next for identity, targeting, and privacy?

Paying attention to attention: With research proving the link between attention, brand recall, and growth, the question of attention is in sharp focus when discussing measurement in digital advertising. This Townhall will put attention under the spotlight, and ask industry leaders what more the IAB, publishers, ad tech providers, and agencies can do to ensure that — when it comes to the attention debate — digital advertising is demonstrating the strongest possible case.

Is digital advertising up to Standard?: Increasing standards in digital advertising is central to building trust, demonstrating effectiveness for advertisers, and making the continued policy case for robust self-regulation. In this Townhall, IAB invites members to share their views on the most effective existing standards to draw on and grow, where better standards are needed, and how to go about developing standards that truly show the maturity and responsibility of digital advertising.

Making the industry a better place to work: At Leadership Summit 2020, IAB held a Townhall on Work Culture focused on creating inclusive working environments in 2020. Just days later, the UK went into lockdown and the way people work changed overnight. However, a great deal hasn’t changed, and Leadership Summit 2022 attendees are uniquely placed to ensure that digital advertising is an industry people are proud to be a part of, feel they belong to and in which they see a future for themselves.

With senior and influential attendees, IAB UK Leadership Summit 2020 addressed and tackled subjects in a confidential environment, while also providing valuable insights from experts across a range of fields; from economists to mental health specialists.

*Given the ever-changing status of the Coronavirus pandemic, the schedules of several events are changing. To see their latest updates, please visit each event’s respective website.


Some of the speakers include:
Benedict Evans, Analyst;
Theo Theodorou, Managing Director, Microsoft Advertising UK;
Christine Armstrong, Researcher, Author, and Vlogger; and many others...

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