The Interact Conference is a fun, fast-paced event designed by and for digital marketers, now with a second day! Workshop Day features in-depth, objectives-based workshops with actionable takeaways and advice. Then, on Conference Day, you’ll experience a day full of talks and insights on content marketing, social media, search, analytics, and all-things-interactive.

Interact21 brings industry-leading speakers and professionals together for an electrifying conference dedicated to digital marketers. This year’s edition will take place in Columbus, Ohio.

“Each year, the Interact Conference provides the fuel needed to make an impact on our business… We soak up as much as possible, then come back ready to incorporate all of the key tactics and strategies we have learned. It is an invaluable experience in every way – and gets better every year.” Interact 17 visitor


Ann Handley, Will Leach, Douglas Burdett, Jessica Best, Chris Askew, Lianna Patch, AJ Wilcox, Brooke Sellas, Maggie Babuder and more.