LavaCon started in Hawaii (hence the name) to give content strategists, documentation managers, and senior content professionals an opportunity to get away from their offices and tend to their professional development.

LavaCon is more than just a conference. It’s a gathering place where industry professionals share best practices and lessons learned, network with peers, and build professional relationships that will last for years to come.

The conference’s mission is:

  • To help content professionals stay ahead of rapidly changing technology and customer demographics
  • To connect organizations experiencing content challenges with the consulting, translation, and tool vendors who can help
  • To create a community where content professionals can collaborate and advance the field as a whole

“My favorite part about LavaCon is the connections and the networking that I do when I’m here.”
Matt Sullivan, Tech Comm Tools

“I stopped and thanked you personally at the conference, but I must say it again. Thank you! I’ve been raving about how wonderful last week was to anyone and everyone! I’m pretty sure LavaCon changed the trajectory of my life, in a good way! Thanks much!”
B.J., Manager, Technical Publications

*Given the ever-changing status of the Coronavirus pandemic, the schedules of several events are changing. To see their latest updates, please visit each event’s respective website.


Previous attendees included:
Jessica Reed, VP, Product Marketing & Content Strategy, NBCUniversal Media;
Jen Schaefer, Head of Content Design, Netflix;
Jennison Asuncion, Head of Accessibility Engineering Evangelism, LinkedIn; and many others...