Lynx Live is a free, digital education, inspiration, and networking experience that runs from June 2020 and will culminate in three days of MENA focused content in October. Now, more than ever, the importance of creativity is fundamental. Lynx Live will provide a platform for the industry to collaborate, learn, and be inspired.

The programme comprises podcasts, masterclasses, inspirational talks, winning work, messages from the community, debates, interviews, and invite-only roundtables. It is open and freely accessible to the whole advertising communications industry, with content for the young Lynx community, as well as agency and brand leaders.

Following the launch of Lynx Live, a free, digital education, inspiration, and networking platform in June 2020, Dubai Lynx announces Lynx Live Virtual. Taking over the existing LIONS Live global platform for a special three days of MENA-focused content, Lynx Live Virtual will offer an immersive experience open to all for free. Lynx Live Virtual aims to provide a space for the MENA region’s creatives to share their stories, listen to their peers, gain inspiration, and collaborate.

Content sessions will span from Keynotes led by industry trailblazers from across the MENA region to intimate ‘My Creative Journey’ conversations with creative experts, as well as ‘The Lynx Live Debate’ which will investigate a hot topic affecting the region’s creative industries.

Looking towards 2021, the unique ‘MENA, What’s Next?’ series will consider future scenarios based on science, data, and unique perspectives. Elsewhere the Dubai Lynx 2020 Jury Presidents will share their thoughts on the future of their categories and what they’ll be looking for when they come to judge both the 2020 and 2021 award entries.

The platform will also welcome original content showcasing the sharpest thinking and talent from creative companies based in the region.

Thea Skelton, Festival Director of Dubai Lynx said: “In order to support our community and drive progress through creativity, we want to provide the MENA region with the opportunity to learn, network, and collaborate. For the first time in 14 years, we are not able to bring our community physically together, but through the Lynx Live platform we hope to connect the region’s creatives and highlight the power of creativity.”

Since June, Lynx Live has already shared with the industry compelling podcasts and masterclasses for university students. Garnering an audience of over 100,000 listeners, the Dubai Lynx podcast has discussed important topics such as mental health in the creative industries and the power of music in evoking storytelling and emotion in creative campaigns.

Meanwhile, the ‘In the Jury Seat’ masterclass provided university students with the unique occasion to become Jury members and award four categories of work based on case films, background information, and the Unstereotype Alliance guidelines. Reflecting on the masterclass, Stephen King, lecturer in media at Middlesex University Dubai said: “The ‘In the Jury Seat’ competition was a much-needed breath of fresh air. Our students were unable to undertake internships or even leave the house, but this was a fun exercise that allowed them to continue their learning over the summer, gain insight into our industry and earn a certificate! I am very grateful that Dubai Lynx shared this experience with us and helped to build our students’ knowledge.”


Over 2,000 delegates from top agencies, brands, production companies, and more attended Dubai Lynx in 2019.