OEB Global

OEB Global

OEB Global, incorporating Learning Technologies Germany, will give you new insights on opportunities and challenges that are changing the world of learning, show you the latest practice from leading organizations and allow you to meet, discuss and network with policymakers, education leaders, chief learning officers, technology & learning experts, learning and development professionals, change managers, ICT administrators, online learning curriculum designers and many, many more.

OEB is a conference about technology. Every year, it attracts more than 2,000 educators, learning and development professionals, policy-makers, entrepreneurs, and investors from over 100 countries and a wide variety of sectors for a unique program of briefings and discussions about learning, technology, and the future.

Each year, OEB pushes boundaries, challenges preconceptions, and catalyzes new ideas — through innovations in the exhibition, interventions from participants, and new forms of dialogue. At OEB, attendees should always expect the unexpected.

OEB (formerly ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN) allows you to discover new opportunities for cross-border and cross-sectoral collaboration and make connections with policymakers, higher education leaders and ICT administrators, academics, technology experts, workplace learning and development specialists: those at the forefront of shaping the future of digital learning.

The last year’s theme was Making Learning Meaning

What do we want from learning? What do we expect from it in the future? And how can technology help us achieve it? We need to think about our ultimate objective, both individually and collectively.

We talk about ‘transformative’ change but do we really understand what we mean? We say we want to put learning “at the heart of life”, we are passionate about educational opportunity, we care deeply about lifelong learning but do we even know what our real goal is? Where do we want to go and how do we get there? How do we give real significance to education and training? How do we make learning mean something? How does learning become meaningful?

OEB Global 2020 did not only look at the process of learning but also its purpose, asking what really learning means.

Who will be attending the conference?

In 2017, 41.3% of all OEB delegates were women and 58.7% were men, from 80+ countries. OEB continually strives to achieve diversity and gender balance through its committees, as well as through invitations to high-quality speakers of different sexes, countries, and sectors.

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*Given the ever-changing status of the Coronavirus pandemic, the schedules of several events are changing. To see their latest updates, please visit each event’s respective website.


2,500+ international learning professionals from over 80 countries;
100+ exhibitors, ranging from established global learning and technology market leaders to emerging adtech start-ups;
300+ international speakers