PI Live

PI Live

Committed to its mission of facilitating new connections, actionable learning, tangible ROI, all amid an electric atmosphere, PI LIVE is a meeting point for performance marketers.

The industry meets to debate and discuss the challenges and opportunities at the two-day conference.

Through a combination of targeted speeches, carefully curated exhibitors, performance punch sessions, and exceptional networking opportunities, you’ll have the opportunity to soak up knowledge and ideas from peers and share in the future opportunities that unfold for your business.

Connections that count

The event brings together under one roof, the leading technologies, networks, retailers, and publishers that can revitalize and help drive profitable performance marketing for your business.

With advertisers and publishers being the conference’s top two demographics, you’ll find heaps of potential partners and plentiful meeting zones to nurture relationships.

“[PI LIVE] gives us the chance to make a better industry.”
Nick Fletcher, VP Customer Success, Rakuten Marketing UK

“It’s about building great relationships and learning what’s new in the industry.”
Helen Southgate, Managing Director, Acceleration Partners


3,000+ Attendees;