In these rapidly changing times, it is important to adapt without losing your brand identity, to bridge the gap between technology and marketing and unveil the true potential of your company. That is what Rebels and Rulers conveys.

Branding is highly complex…and misunderstood. The two-day conference gathers over 20 international, elite speakers (Rebels and Rulers in their own right) and will address all of branding’s vital layers and encourage you to look at it from just the right angle. Only then will you understand how branding can impact your business, community, and life.

The secret? When Rebels and Rulers collaborate, their true power is unleashed. The power of open branding…

So, who are the Rebels and who are the Rulers?

Rebels love technology and are always looking for ways to innovate and excite the audience. They like the rules, but only so that they can test their limits and… break them. Rebels are the experimenter and they are looking forward to adapting their business, their brand, and their lifestyle.

Rulers love strategy and structure. They know exactly where they want to be in 5 years – 10 even. Their solutions are timeless and they always think of building brands that last.

The Rebels and Rulers event aims to make the Brandingmag experience tangible and even more inspiring. It brings together the elite in marketing, technology, and branding – facilitating know-how sharing to benefit local markets and businesses.

The conference opens branding by igniting a strong collaboration between REBEL tech entrepreneurs and RULER marketers, a creative and strategic adaptation that generates the strongest and most valuable brands in the world.

Are you a REBEL or a RULER? Join Brandingmag’s experience next year for the 1st global forum for open branding and find out!


Victor Knaap, Managing Director/Main Monk at MediaMonks;
Isabel Kantor, Senior Technology Director at R/GA;
John Fremont, Co-Founder at Hypergiant;
Laura Ries, President & Co-Founder at Ries&Ries;
Sonal Dabral, Group CCO & Vice Chairman, Ogilvy;
Kaveri Khullar, Marketing Director, MasterCard;
Matt Biespiel, Creative Marketer of the Year, MB Brand;
Michael Johnson, Founder & Creative Director, Johnson Banks;
Calin Hertioga, Brand Valuation Director, Interbrand;
Dominik Prinz, Partner, CG42;
Razvan Voica, Co-Founder, Informal School of IT;
Sidney Evans, Brand Strategist & Founder, Brand Vision Global;
Flavia Anghel, Editor-in-Chief, Brandingmag