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Y is a digital conference helping designers, UXers, technologists, managers, product owners etc. build more people-oriented and sustainable digital products. Y Oslo is a conference and meeting arena for all people working with product and service development.

The event’s main target groups are:

  • Everyone who works with digital product and service development
  • Decision-makers in digital product and service development. They can be professionals working with design, technology, content, or business developers. Through the highly professional program, Y aims to inspire, share new knowledge, and change the way people think and work today.

Who is Y for? Y is for everybody involved in making products and services in companies and organizations. Innovation teams, designers, UXers, project managers, business developers, digital managers, or whatever you may call yourself.

Why attend?

  • Learn new tools, methods, and knowledge. The concept with Y is that Y asks questions and it demands answers. Y coaches its storytellers to go straight to the core.
  • However fancy and fresh technology people use, it’s wasted if it’s not centered around what the customer needs. User first. Always. Make great customer and user experiences. This is what Y is all about.
  • You will learn things at Y you can share with colleagues and implement into your way of working, right away.
  • After the conference, Y will send you slides, videos, and summaries. Just bring your brain, and Y does the rest!
  • Y thinks sharing and collaboration between competitors is a good thing. It helps people grow and be stronger. Let’s create competitive friendships at Y!
  • Y is an arena for good and bad stories, trends, and methods that help us shape the future. At Y, attendees will talk about how people can design for a better future.

Y was arranged as a physical conference in 2019, as a digital conference in 2020 due to a pandemic and as a partial hybrid conference in 2021. Y will finally become a physical event in 2022, but will also be streamed for the people not being able to join the conference in Oslo.

*Given the ever-changing status of the Coronavirus pandemic, the schedules of several events are changing. To see their latest updates, please visit each event’s respective website.

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