Even though we are not officially qualified to tell when the official springtime starts, some may say that the first day of spring coincides with the spring equinox, which takes place on March 20th, while meteorologists still argue that the season begins on March 1st.

Still, we couldn’t have missed Starbucks’ excitement regarding the arrival of fresh air, blooming flowers, and increasing temperatures, as the American coffeehouse chain just launched a new set of brightly colored coffee cups, which fit perfectly into springtime, and are explicit enough to announce that the cold winter days are over.

Thus, the coffee consumers can feel the good energy and positive vibes of the fresh sunny days now more than ever, with the new cups incoming in three pastel colors — green, yellow, and blue. Available from March 16th, the new cheerful coffee vessels include hand-drawn illustrations that feature a bunny, an umbrella, and a smiley sun, which combined offer Starbucks’ customers a good start of their day.

Unfortunately, not all coffee drinkers can enjoy the sunny days accompanied by the new vibrant cups, because they will be available only for a limited period of time, and mainly in the United States and Canada.

First, seasonal cups appeared at Starbucks 20 years ago when the coffeehouse company introduced its red holiday containers. Since then, summer and autumn were both celebrated with seasonal recipients, while now, the coffee company’s attention has turned to springtime festive cups.

Starbucks has also launched a mug with a new design that brings out the sense of unity characteristic to Ferguson, Missouri. The modern and original design features the name of the city located in Northern St. Louis County and captures its essence and spirit. Jasmine Swanson, a shift supervisor at the local store, says the mug had become very popular among consumers, especially because of the distinctive word “us” printed within the new design.

The person behind this project is mainly Adam Kendall Woods, a member of the Starbucks merchandise design team. Wanting to point out how unity really looks like, Woods got inspiration from the baristas’ drawings of the local shop and generated five mug sketches. However, the artist was surprised to find out his original idea was pointed out by the chairman and CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz.

The Ferguson coffee shop opened its gates in 2016 offering new opportunities to local youths, while aiming to boost the community’s energy. The store is located near the place where the 2014’s protests took place, after teenager Michael Brown was shot dead by a police officer.

The mug’s design was sketched by Woods also as a part of his activism work. The artist combines his dedication to social involvements with authentic and original ideas: “One of the reasons I worked at Starbucks is because the company is so explicit about social justice in a way that I wish other companies would be,” says the creative artist who was recently relocated to the New York City area, to design and illustrate for Starbucks Creative.

Interior of the Ferguson Starbucks location on April 28, 2016 in Ferguson, Missouri. Photo: Michael Thomas for Starbucks Coffee Company.