The lack of confidence can have severe consequences upon one’s personal and professional development. Low self-esteem prevents young people from realizing their true powers and poses an obstacle in their way to shape a successful career. But with a small push, everyone can get their hopes back on track.

The Tomorrow’s People charity has been fighting with this social outbreak for more than 30 years, providing young unemployed people with the confidence and skills they need to find good jobs and succeed in their careers. But first, to help others, the courage had to come from within. So, in a bold move, the charity has enlisted The Gate London as their first agency to help them reach a wider audience.

The London-based agency was set to rebrand the charity’s visual identity, and its artists chose to outline the organization’s ambitious mission through noteworthy imagery. The striking new identity doesn’t only raise the NGO’s profile among young people but it also connects the charitable institution with them in a valuable way.

Every journey begins with a small step, so the previously conservative brand personality slowly metamorphosed into a friendlier one, for which the creative agency worked closely with art director Ricky Richards. The result shows an outstanding piece of work that strongly reflects the charity’s commitment to helping youths in need.

Tomorrow’s People rebranding | Click to enlarge

Many people managed to realize their potential and to find good jobs with the help of the charity. To successfully reach the end of their road, they armed themselves with patience and bravery. Tomorrow’s People acknowledges the hard part behind each glorious victory and smoothly embraces it through illustrations that speak for themselves, pleasing everyone’s mind from an aesthetic point of view.

The recently developed visual language carries the idea of a compelling story called “Trapped young person breaks free,” a concept born from the obstacles faced by the inexperienced youths.

The success of those who have escaped from their imaginary cage inspired the agency to try and give a more confident attitude to the new image that now represents the organization. The new outgoing personality wears white-curved lines tangled with colored letters. The symbols and distorted shapes blend and twist together into a chaotic grouping and finally stumble upon a black background.

Combined together, the characters reveal a maze-like ensemble that mirrors the youths’ uncertainty, before reaching for Tomorrow’s People help. The illustrations were launched at an exclusive gallery event at The Hospital Club in Covent Garden, London, and emphasize the fantastic work of the charity.

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The Gate London’s CEO, Jamie Elliott proclaimed: “We’re proud to be partnering pro bono with Tomorrow’s People to help put this right and we’re proud of this first step, which is to develop an identity that better reflects their personality and spirit.”

In the process of visually boosting the institution’s personality, Tomorrow’s People invited other talented artists to express their imagination. Here are some of the exciting works showcased on the official website of the NGO:

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Client: Tomorrow’s People

Agency: The Gate London