With a consistent passion for everything that is organic and with experience of over four decades, the Italian family-owned business Cabrioni continues its mission to keep high-quality standards in every product that comes out of the factory’s gates. Located in the Emilia Romagna hills of Italy and surrounded by rural mountain landscapes, the small biscuit factory takes its supplies from the nature itself, a habit that gradually transformed into a wonderful tradition.

Using Mother Nature’s special recipe, the Cabrioni family bakes tasty cookies and wafers that are just perfect for anyone who wants to adopt a healthier lifestyle. To mark its legacy, the brand included an atypical element within its product portfolio that abounds in rustic and authentic visual motifs.

Being equally delicious, the new product is made following an ad agency Auge‘s creative ‘recipe’ combined with New York studio Hornet‘s ‘baking’ techniques. Under the close supervision of the ‘chefs’, Yves Geleyn and Peter de Sève, and after four months of hard work, the team cooked up “Biscotti: Una Storia Buona” (Cookies: A Good Story), a two-minute-long animation that accentuates the brand’s traditional spirit.

Much like the biscuits, which don’t contain any artificial flavors or other preservatives, the animation keeps it simple. The Disney-like short movie combines the classic with the modern and although it seems to be made using a modest approach, the video is highly sophisticated, preserving creative essence of one brilliant animation.

The film‘s storyline focuses on the relationship between Mr. Cabrioni, his energetic bird that follows him wherever he goes, and a rusty robot that boasts a generous experience in manufacturing biscuits. The old man finds the industrial machine in a storehouse, saves it, and helps it get rid of the artificial additives that ran through its DNA. After such a lovely treatment, the robot rediscovers the purity of natural ingredients and a passion for craftsmanship of quality products.

To craft such fantastic world, the artists combined one of the oldest forms of animation, 2D, with modern 3D computer-generated imagery. The adopted techniques faithfully reflect the factory’s way of conducting its business. The 2D hand-drawn method was used to give life to the old man who symbolizes the company’s perseverance of making premium products following the same recipe. On the other hand, the traditional biscottis are born thanks to a modern equipment, which is represented by the appearance of the industrial robot created using CGI elements.

Bringing Cabrioni’s story to life was not an easy task. After months of hard work, more than 20 professionals involved, and a strong communication between creatives from Milan, Carpineti, and New York, the result is as delicious as the biscuits. To find more about the working process, you can check the short film’s ‘Making of,’ in which director Yves Geleyn nicely explains the creative steps they had to follow in order to bring such animation to light.

The campaign is supported by 30-, 15-, 10-, and 6-second trailers, broadcasted on social media, TV, and cinema. As part of the initiative, Auge Headquarter and Auge Design sketched the company’s new visual identity. Thanks to the artists’ rich imagination, the brand proudly wears a new image, a fresh logo, and colorful packaging illustrations. Time to put the kettle on!


Client: Cabrioni

Advertising Agency: AUGE HQ

Executive Creative Directors: Federica Ariagno, Giorgio Natale

Creative Directors: Williams Tattoli, Angelo Pannofino

Art Director: Veronica Ciceri, Gianluca Malimpensa

Copywriter: Antonio Mitra

Project Manager: Leonardo Zenoni

Production Studio: Hornet NY

Director: Yves Geleyn