At the beginning of December 2017, Yum! Brands’ Taco Bell announced the extension of its $1 menu with 20 new items that will roll out over the course of 2018. A month after the big announcement, the fast-food chain reported that it will start selling Nacho Fries from January 25th. The price? Exactly one dollar.

The company stated that the ‘one buck menu’ generated sales of millions of dollars in 2017. So, back in December, Taco Bell creatively started to explore the “power of the dollar” with the aim to promote its affordable menu. Out of a sudden and totally “unexpected,” the company found out that its self-promotion technique doubles as a key that can be used to outline unknown hidden clues that are believed to have been embedded within the dollar bill by an infamous secret society.

Taco Bell’s new move mocks the world’s most intriguing organization, the Illuminati, which, according to some conspiracy theorists, uses the dollar bill as the perfect spot to map out their influence upon the world.

Drawing inspiration from this fact and joining forces with creative agency Deutsch, the food brand launched the “Belluminati” campaign which invites consumers to be part of a not-so-secret organization.

The $1 Stacker Society, as the group is known among the connoisseurs, has no hidden purpose or mission, except to pamper your taste buds with a delicious offer: three layers of seasoned beef and melted cheese placed between a grilled tortilla. All for one dollar. Not so expensive for a yummy meal, is it? Not to mention that one dollar, just one, represents the ticket that gets you inside the Taco Bell’s ridiculous fraternity.

The Los Angeles-based agency bought something from the restaurant’s dollar menu and “involuntarily” became part of the Belluminati. Counting themselves as proud members of the society, the creative elite recorded a not-so-private show that unfolds the organization only to give consumers a chance to catch an insight of the Belluminati energy.

Curious about what’s happening there? Just a bunch of people probably debating the “New Taco Bell Order” while enjoying the $1 Stacker reserved only for them… or just anyone who has a dollar. Here’s a sneak peek of what it’s like in there:

Besides the video treats (there’s one more, just keep on reading), the fast food chain released a series of special items, also priced at a dollar each. To get their hands on one of the limited-edition products, consumers needed to solve some puzzles released by the brand.

After two rounds of the Belluminati merchandise, all products were sold out and, unfortunately, the items are no longer available. But if you’re a big fan and want to own one of these branded delights, keep an eye on the Reddit page dedicated to the resale. Who knows, maybe an exclusive Taco Bell product may pop up just when you least expect it.

Clues One-Dollar Bill | Click to enlarge

While the fast-food brand was busy exploring the power of the dollar, we focused our attention on the users’ reactions, as we landed on the #Belluminati Twitter page. After tracking some of the tweets, we noticed that the use of the Illuminati motifs in the commercial gave birth to a lot of controversies online, stirring up a mix of emotions, good and bad alike. While some of them responded positively to Taco Bell’s campaign, saying that the food brand is their new favorite restaurant, others were skeptical regarding the company’s promo.

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