If Nike were to introduce its most recent story, it would probably say something like: “Thought the Nike LunarEpic Low Flyknit 2 was soft? It was.” But it’s not Nike who’d say this, it’s us narrating the tale. Curious?

Inspired by the brand’s latest question, we will start with another one, slightly different than the former one: “Thought the Nike Unlimited Stadium made to promote the LunarEpic Low Flyknit footwear was epic?” It was. So, as the campaign made by BBH Singapore scooped various awards at prestigious advertising events, we could say that the project was pretty awesome. Now, wait until you see the new project created by Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai to boost Nike’s new footwear, the Epic REACT!

To promote the soft and springy trainer—which should be softer than the LunarEpic according to Nike—the popular brand teamed up with its long-term creative partner and launched an interactive experience that promises to show consumers just how comfy its latest footwear is by bringing them inside a pixelated world.

Dubbed “Reactland,” the in-store adventure introduces a video game to highlight the company’s cushioning technology, which combines softness with bounciness and delivers a shoe that is light, durable, and comfortable to wear.

The Super Mario-inspired game invites runners to conquer the world’s most famous destinations while wearing Nike’s latest innovation on their feet. To transcend in the midst of the colorful and fuzzy land, users have to create their virtual character first.

Then the players need to put on a pair of Epic REACTs, scan themselves, and wait for their avatar to pop up onto the screen. Afterward that, they can start exploring the wonderful digital world imagined by the Shanghai-based agency, but not before jumping on an actual treadmill.

Deep dive into a vivid place where you can explore China, Egypt, Greece, and the United States in just a matter of minutes. A handheld button is there to help you not to stumble over small obstacles that can delay your arrival at the Reactland’s final stop. The further you advance within the fantastic universe, the higher the chances for you to set a new record on the leaderboard are.

Throughout the 3-minute-long experience, you’ll travel from the Great Wall, which unfolds in the clouds, to a bubbly Fuji Mountain, and all the way to the Statue of Liberty, who holds in her left hand a more modern tabula ansata, onto which Nike carefully inscribed its logo. On the way to the finish line, you’ll also meet cute pandas, bouncing frogs, and even a slinky Tower of Pisa.

All locations are fantastically exaggerated only to underline the perks of Nike’s Epic REACT shoes that were made following a recipe that blends balanced doses of softness and lightness to deliver a “more durable cushioning”.

The journey into this wonderland ends with a small gift, courtesy of Nike. The players who embarked on the unique voyage are rewarded with a 10-second-long video, which can be shared on social media to spark conversations about the product and the one-of-a-kind virtual adventure.

Anyone who’s interested in the unique experience can give it a try at the selected Nike stores in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, and Chengdu. What are you waiting for?


Agency: Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai

Client: Nike