When it comes to menstruation a sense of shame embraces us, whether it’s a man or a woman who mentions it first. Menses is still a taboo subject around the world: for example, in India, women who are menstruating are not allowed to be in the kitchen, nor they can attend ritual practices. In Nepal, ladies are considered impure during this time and they are forced to live outside the house for about 6 to 8 days each month.

Girls living in developing countries also suffer because of this completely natural process. They usually miss school because they can’t afford to buy tampons. This happens in Kenya, South Africa, and even in the UK. Luckily, teenagers living in South Africa were given a helping hand by the state’s leading feminine hygiene product producer, Always, which distributed sanitary pads to adolescent girls during one of its campaigns. Now that they are equipped with basic menstrual products, they can go to classes even though they are on their period.

But even so, girls still have to overcome one more obstacle: boys. Usually, men are one of the biggest causes of ‘period shame’. Such behavior has its roots in adolescence when the males learn about the changes that happen in a woman’s body and they usually start making fun of things that are related to puberty. Kids can get really mean sometimes, but little do boys know that mocking a girl because of her menstruation might affect her self-esteem.

Malaysia’s number one feminine care brand, Libresse, sends a message that only when a man understands the period then the bond between him and his significant other tightens. By launching the campaign “Men-struation,” the company wants to find out what menstrual cycles actually mean to a man. After the brand has made an idea of what’s happening in a guy’s mind, it can do exactly what it needs to positively define the issues and help females feel supported by their male counterparts throughout this completely normal monthly ‘visit.’

Ladies and gentlemen, but especially gentlemen, check it out: Libresse, in partnership with BBDO Malaysia, asks you to “Get Real Bro,” via a character invented by the two entities that gives men a good lesson about periods.

Ladies, although this isn’t the knight on a white horse you’ve been dreaming of since you were little, you’ll be very grateful to Libresse for inventing such a gallant man. So what if he doesn’t own a white horse? He rides a Lamborghini Aventador instead, which is cool enough. Plus, he uses his car to explain other men how a woman’s uterus works. You’re probably asking what does a car and female private organs have in common? Check the video below to find out!

Now that we’ve cleared that out, it’s time to compare our ‘bro’s’ manhood with women’s cramps, which can be really painful. Real men know that. And this allows them to get to quickly become a lady’s hero by helping her overcome this pain with a hot pack or some medicine.

Men know that eating a very large burger is proof manhood. Yet, real gentlemen are aware of the fact that a menstruating woman needs sweets by her side to get over the unpleasant times. That’s why, an educated man will pamper his lady with chocolate, cookies, and other delicious sweets. Real men understand periods!

Verene Lee, Marketing Manager of Fempro Vinda Marketing Malaysia, said: “We believe that period is not a taboo topic, not just amongst women but to all. Using creative storytelling, we continue to drive awareness in normalizing periods and creating a more supportive environment for women.”

The month-long integrated campaign was launched on the brand’s Facebook page and features yet another amusing video. So, how much do men actually know about periods? Check out the video below to see how clumsy they are when it comes to menstruation.


Client: Libresse

Agency: BBDO Malaysia