You know that feeling when you put on your nicest clothes and think like you can go outside and actually conquer the world? Indeed, pretty clothes can give you a boost when it comes to self-esteem. But if you really want to feel invincible, you need to add one more thing. No, it’s not red lipstick, if that’s what you ladies were thinking. It’s a hint of perfume. That’s right. Fragrance is exactly one of the necessary tools to overcome life’s tensions. Careful though, you don’t want to go crazy like Margaret Qualley did when she tried KENZO’s well-designed perfume. You want to be invincible!

O Boticário—one of the largest cosmetics and perfumes franchises in the world—isn’t looking for crazy. The brand went great lengths to prove that its latest perfume, Quasar Brave, a fragrance that has purified sake alcohol and black Ceylan leaf (black tea) in its composition, can awaken one’s inner strength and give the courage you need to face various real-life challenges. Such as the fear of public speaking.

The brand wasn’t alone in their plan to make this bold a statement. By choosing a good partner, a creative agency F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, the company hopes to show to the world that the elements from Asia in the perfume’s composition can provide its wearers with the aura of wisdom and courage of samurai warriors. But that’s not all. O Boticário promises that people who choose to wear its perfume will successfully overcome their greatest fears.

But how can a perfume do that? Just check out the “First Lecture” video that the Sao Paolo-based agency made for the brand to convince people that a fragrance does really have the power to make its wearer venture in unexplored places because of anxiety. And that makes one powerful perfume!

The two-minute-long ad is the first work the creatives have done for O Boticário since the agency won the account in August 2018. To carefully execute the film, which features special effects that express a realistic atmosphere of tension, the post-production team employed professionals who have worked in the production of international TV series.

“The positioning of the product inspired this work. Courage in the briefing. Courage in the approval. Courage in production. We couldn’t be happier with the result of our first campaign for O Boticário”, says Pedro Prado, Creative Director at F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi.

And now, after you’ve seen the campaign, it is up to you: Would you wear a nice-smelling perfume and actually venture into the real world? Or would you simply trick your mind into thinking that you are facing your fears by wearing a virtual reality headset?


Client: O Boticário

Agency: F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi

Product: Quasar Brave

Title: First Lecture | Little Secret

CCO: Fabio Fernandes

Creative Directors: Pedro Prado | Rodrigo Castellari

Creatives: Charles Faria | Andre Fukumoto

Account Supervisor: Ricardo Forli | Antônio Salgueiro | Larissa Moreira | Aline Pacheco | Nathalia Marchi

Media: Mauricio Almeida | Luana Gallizzi | Marcela Celestrino | Mariana Gentil

Planners: Rita Almeida | Ligia Paes de Barros | Fernanda Neves | Vitor Coelho | Julia Pires

Agency Producer: Elucieli Nascimento | Fernanda Sousa | Guiliano Springhetti | Henrique Tupã | Rafael Paes | Rosana Sallum | Victor Alloza

Production Company:  Iconoclast

Director: Ian Ruschel

Production Design: Guilherme Marini

DOP: Agustin Claramunt

Executive Producer: Gregory Bogossian | Henrique Danieletto | Alonso Sperb

Editing: Jair Peres

Post Production: Dopo VFX


Maestro: Antonio Pinto | Gabriel Ferreira

Client Approval: Alexandre Gasula Bouza | Cristiane Irigon Amaral | Bruna Perussolo | Heloisa Althoff Souza | Luceli Miola | Chris Rossi | Izabella Franceschi | Maria Augusta Ramos May Correa