Freshwater is what keeps us alive. It is the only thing that life needs to thrive on Earth. Plus, it is a resource that makes Earth a unique planet within the Solar System. Often referred to as “The Blue Planet,” because over 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water. But not all of it is drinkable. Actually, just 3% of water on our planet can be considered as fresh water. Of it, only 1% is available to human use. That’s why water is considered in some parts of the world a luxury.

But that 1% of freshwater would be available to us in ideal conditions. We have to take into consideration climate change and the fact that global population is still growing. Now, you should know that we actually have up less than that percentage of the precious liquid. Any human on Earth should have the privilege of enjoying fresh water. That’s why we have to be innovative and committed when it comes to water management and conservation.

Oh, doesn’t this make a fine topic for this week’s #ThrowBrandThursday? It does, indeed. This is why we are featuring World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) commitment to protecting freshwater ecosystems, improving water access, efficiency, and allocation for all people while conserving the environment. According to the organization, these are some of the essential components to help save places and species with the highest priority, and also reducing the impact of humanity’s water footprint.

To show just how committed the NGO is to helping nature thrive, WWF joined forces with Auckland-based animation company Cirkus, and launched a cheeky animated film in which we see how hard it is for animals to get a sip of fresh water. It is so difficult that most actually have to fight a serious opponent to quench their thirst.

Let us tell you a tangled story which is nothing like a Disney animation of some classic tale. It comes as another type of a ‘mishmash’ story. Instead of seeing Rapunzel trying to escape the tower using her hair, you’ll see two cute animals, a giraffe and an elephant, fighting over water in the African heat. Their struggle evolves into pure madness and just to get their ‘hands’ on the bottle of water, the animals twist around each other over and over again until they remain entangled.

The altercation brings a nice visual experience, which doesn’t only show the two animals being entangled; it makes colors merge with sounds, innovation marries originality, and fragility goes hand-in-hand with strength. Curious about which animal is the lucky winner? Just check out the video to see who gets to drink the precious liquid!

Oh, and let’s not forget. If we continue to follow this trend, soon, everyone could be fighting for water, not just the animals…


Client: WWF

Agency: Cirkus