3M’s Post-it
 brand has recently launched a new campaign that asks people all over the world to “Think Loud!” This almost-hallucinatory experience comes from the creative hands of San Francisco-based agency Venables Bell & Partners and creative production company Gentleman Scholar. The vivid campaign’s concept lies at the premise that ideas can’t stand in just one place – they are captured only to burst into action.

The animated experience spins around a series of ‘Post-it’ stickers, which serve as canvas for the artists’ thoughts. At the same time, the Post-it products function as a catalyst that carries these ideas forward. The campaign reaches its climax through six 15-second, highly-colored spots.

The first three, ‘School President,’ ‘Love Note,’ and ‘Melody,’ take us back to school times, with each video displaying an ultra-imaginative and also chaotic audiovisual world. Also, each spot comes with a piece of advice, which takes people back to school and suggests them to “Make [their] thoughts come alive this school year. Post-it Brand: Think Loud!”

To highlight the Super Sticky side of the notes, the agency developed an eponymous ad that, above else, features an octopus being stuck to a series of office products. To develop the spot, the production company used a stop-motion approach, thanks to which the viewers can see how a single blue Post-it Note grows into something a lot bigger. In this case—before delivering the ‘Think Loud’ tagline—the message is also clear, and well sticky: “Ideas come alive with two times the sticking power!”

The colorful spots debuted on the brand’s social media portals on June 7. There are two more to join the list. ‘Collaborate’ and ‘Brainstorm,’ which, according to the agency, will launch pretty soon. The last two videos focus on consumers at an office. Moreover, the last film introduces a new app, titled simply Post-it App. Plus, there will be a national TV buy, which kicks off in late July.

Will Johnson and Michael Tavarez of Gentleman Scholar are the ones responsible for the campaign’s production, for which the duo used a mixed-media approach to tell the visual story of the project. The pair brought the videos to life in a way that seems magical: “Post-its are instantly recognizable shapes with vibrant color palettes and playful angles. We had a blast crafting the look and directing these animations.”

Guided by Will and Michael, the company’s production was led by managing director Jo Arghiris, executive producer Kirsten Noll, head of production Tyler Locke, senior producer Adam Reeb, and line producer Richard Kaylor. The team also included director of photography Stephen McGehee and production designer Trae King. Music and sound design were produced by Beacon Street Studios. We can say that they all did a great job and we had a blast watching the clever short ads and hope you will too!


Client: Post-it

Agency: Venables Bell & Partners

Production Company: Gentleman Scholar