Finally, the weekend has arrived and you can go to the cinema to immerse yourself into the action of a big blockbuster. You are now in the theatre, sitting comfortably in your seat and waiting for the film to kick-off. Everything goes smooth, but in the middle of the movie, someone decides to interrupt the experience with their phone. The entire theatre looks down at that person who, sadly and totally accidental, forgot to turn-off their phone.

Most likely, that person is not the only one who forgot to put their phone into silent mode. Even more likely, you were in their place too and could feel all the theatre’s glare on the back of your neck. Sure, it can be excusable, but do you know how frustrating it is for someone to interrupt you in the middle of the movie? Vodafone New Zealand knows the feeling quite well and, together with DDB NZ and Goodoil, decided to run a campaign suggestively titled “Ruined Moments” to empower moviegoers to switch off their phones before the film.

The team created three 20-second cinematic spots, each of them disguised as big blockbuster trailer. The videos, directed by Googoil’s Michelle Savill, depict three protagonists who are rudely interrupted in the middle of their big moment by an incoming phone call. Each call seems to be coming from the corner of the theatre, confusing and frustrating the film fans spread across the room. But worst of all, it infuriates the heroes of the screen, who promptly admonish the unseen offender.

Damon Stapleton, Chief Creative Officer, DDB New Zealand wants people to double check their phones before the start of the feature: “Hopefully our not-so-subtle guilt trips will make people think twice. We’ve all been there, and it sucks.” Nileema Allerston of Vodafone nicely complements his views by adding: “I think the team has done an incredible job delivering an important message in a super fresh, contextual way. I’m looking forward to phone-free movies.”

Now, Vodafone, we’ve learned our lesson: You don’t mess with the hero of the film. No one wants to be scolded by the film’s protagonists in front of the whole cinema. So, next time we’re about to step in a movie theatre, the first thing we are going to do—even before buying some tasty popcorn—is to activate the silent mode of our phones. We don’t want to be rude… And you, readers?



Client: Vodafone New Zealand

Agency: DDB NZ

Chief Creative Officer: Damon Stapleton

Creative Directors: Freddie Coltart; Matthew Williams

Art Director: Stan Lee

Copy Writer: Aiken Hutcheon

Lead Business Partner: Karla Fisher

Business Partner: Natalie Pierpoint

Senior Business Manager: Helen Darwin

Executive Producer: Judy Thompson

Senior TV Producer: Charlotte Glennon

Production Company: Goodoil

Director: Michelle Savill

Executive Producer: Mark Foster

Business Director: George Mackenzie

DOP: Maria Innes Manchego

Production Design: Donna Hanson

Offline: Tim Mauger

Grade/Online: Blockhead

Sound Design: Jon Cooper – The Coopers

Masterbrand Manager: Nileema Allerston

Product Owner Loyalty & Engagement: Gabrielle Paul