From what is known so far, morphogenesis represents a natural process which causes an organism to evolve and develop its form. Although it is a process characteristic of the biological world, this abstract notion can sketch the transformation of various physical shapes or patterns.

Inspired by this phenomenon of self-organized patterns, visual artist Can Büyükberber teamed up with sound artist and architect Yağmur Uyanik and developed a project named “Morphogenesis VR“, which includes perpetual changes of geometric shapes, inviting the viewers to experience the unique sensations of a more visual world, aiming to build a captivating and abstract universe, traits of which are perceived as a multisensorial feeling.

Left, Murphy Cadogan Contemporary Art Awards Exhibition at SOMArts, San Francisco. Right, “Subsequence” Group Exhibition at Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco | Photo by Marco David

To reveal the digital view of the world, the conceptual piece was shown in different locations, as a full-dome and virtual reality work. For a list of all chosen exhibitions and screenings in VR please scroll at the end of the article.

Special 8K screening at MUSE Event Series, The Village, San Francisco

“Exploring the idea of geomorphology, mathematics and understanding the world, Morphogenesis requires an audience to be sentient, not just receivers. It invites the viewer to a poetic and sensational world, where space becomes infinity, primal sense of immaterial world is being experienced and process of creation being reevaluated,” said the two artists, Can Büyükberber and Yağmur Uyanik.

Signal Light Festival, Prague, Czech Republic | Photo by Jan Knot | Click to enlarge

Watch the 360-degree, audiovisual preview for Fulldome and Virtual Reality by Can Büyükberber:

Can Büyükberber is a visual artist that focuses on creating captivating visual works which include projection mapping, virtual reality, geodesic domes and digital fabrication methods. His work has been featured in international media art galleries and conferences across Europe, the United States, and Canada. Moreover, his collaboration with Grammy-Award winning rock band Tool evolved in a show which took place in Tempe, Arizona, and included 10 video loops consisting of unusual patterns that moved along with the music, building a creative and immersive story.

The night of June 3rd, Immersion Experience Symposium 2016, Montreal, Canada. Premiere of “Morphogenesis” at SAT’s dome “Satosphere”, the very first immersive modular theatre, dedicated to artistic creation. | Photo by

List of selected Exhibitions & Screenings in VR & Fulldome:

12.2016 – “MUSE“, The Village, San Francisco, USA

12.2016 – “Nonspaces” Akbank Sanat, Istanbul, Turkey

12.2016 – Envision Conference, Princeton University, Princeton, USA

11.2016 – Mira Festival, Barcelona, Spain

10.2016 – Signal Festival, Prague, Czech Republic [EXTENDED]

09.2016 – Kaleidoscope Showcase Vol.01, San Francisco, USA

09.2016 – AES 2016, Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles USA

09.2016 – “Art & Virtual Reality” Group Show, Upload VR, San Francisco, USA

09.2016 – “Sub·se·quence” Group Show, Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, USA

09.2016 – “Murphy & Cadogan Contemporary Art Awards Exhibition”, SOMArts, SF, USA

08.2016 – VRLA, Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles USA

06.2016 – Currents New Media Festival, Santa Fe, USA

06.2016 – Mira Festival, Berlin, Germany

06.2016 – Symposium IX 2016, SAT, Montreal, Canada

Visual content details from 8K wide screening | Animation by Can Büyükberber | Click to enlarge


Visual artist: Can Buyukberber

Sound: Yagmur Uyanik

Photo: Jan Knot, Marco David,, Can Büyükberber