If an excellent culinary photo makes your mouth water, it means that you have experienced one of food porn‘s tricky side effects. Whether we like it or not, food porn has become a global phenomenon while its eponymous hashtag can be seen as a tool we use to virtually evaluate any tasty dish. And social media is just the right place with over 130 million posts on Instagram accompanied by the #foodporn hashtag that let us to ‘eat’ using only our eyes.

The relationship between photography and gastronomy prompted JWT Amsterdam’s photographer and chef to share their passion for food through a series of provocative images. As a part of the MENU creative portfolio, they placed some exotic dishes on the chef’s face and created stunning photos that can certainly awake one’s food-porn spirit.

Whilst some consider taking pictures of food to be a form of art, others may regard these kinds of visually pleasing pictures out of social media’s limited context and transform them into real dishes. This is exactly what agency Africa did through a delicious campaign titled “Irresistible Posts,” made for Heinz Brasil.

Within the initiative, the company decided to offer a tasty treat to social media users who followed its posts that showcased hamburgers made exclusively by chef Santi Roig. With the help of Facebook Creative Shop, some lucky internet enthusiasts across São Paulo were able to face the impossible and literally eat a post instead of just liking it.

The initiative kicked off on the brand’s Instagram page and, using the geolocation feature provided by Facebook, it targeted local users who browsed Stories in Instagram and tracked burger videos around lunch time. The chef of Underdog Meat & Beers restaurant appeared on the making-of clips only to lure users to do more than just stand there, drooling in face of their screens. So, he prompted them to place their sandwich order, which was then delivered in an Instagram-customized box.

Along with the yummy snack that contained Heinz products, the brand decided to surprise the users with another pleasant gift. While the customers were waiting for the company’s special delivery, they were able to enjoy the hamburger’s cooking process through a digital content sent via direct message.

Isabella Rizzo, Marketing Director of Heinz, says that the campaign was developed to allow users take a bite from the delicious content shared on social media: “We decided to turn people’s craving into reality. Irresistible Posts innovate in the way people consume content: by eating it with Heinz.”

The São Paulo-based agency crafted a video-ad for the campaign. Below you can watch the one-and-a-half-minute-long film that made us really hungry. Will it stimulate your appetite too? Have a look and let us know:


Agency: Africa

Client: Heinz Brasil

Product: Institutional

CCO: Sergio Gordilho

ECD: Ricardo Figueira

Creative Director: Alexandre Prado

ACD: Alvin Shiguefuzi

Copywriter: Rafael Carvalho

Art Directors: Bruno Damiao / Marco Giuseppe

Design: Marina Cota

Special Projects team: Monique Lopes Lima / Eliot Tosta / Aline Saraiva

Digital Producer: Mario Mendes

Agency Producers: Rodrigo Ferrari / Patricia Melito / Valdir dos Santos

Client Services: Paula Coelho / Luisa Vissotto / Barbara Sarquis

Media team: Luiz Fernando Vieira / Francisco Custodio / Willian Aveiro / Douglas Oliveira / Bianca Navega

Planning team: Rodrigo Maroni / Aldo Pini / Caio Queiroz / Fernanda Valeria Oliveira / Larissa Perroni

Community Managers: Milena Vieira / Veronica Bortoloto

Photographers: Vitor Manon / Raphael Savelkoul

Chef: Santi Roig

Production Company: Santa Transmedia

Director: 1967

Executive Producer: Pedro Ramos

Production Coordinator: Renata Munaretto

Production: Georgia Reines

DOP: Joao Lucas Carvalho

Editing: Jorge Teivelis

Final Art: Vinicius Meyer / Sivo Greven

Post Producers: Fernando Bardanha / Rafael Casagrande

Sound Production Company: Saxsofunny

Producer: Otavio de Moraes

Facebook Creative Shop: Daniel Bottas

Client Approval: Isabella Rizzo / Thiago Rapp