With just a few days until Halloween, Fanta decided to “scare” its fans with a VR experience that abounds in supernatural motifs. The Coca-Cola-owned soft drink brand joined forces with MediaCom’s content division, MediaCom Beyond Advertising, award-winning video production Kode Media, and VR boutique TrojanVR in order to find a modern way to lure customers to come and visit the dark side of virtual reality universe.

A rusty elevator, a creepy lift attendant, and supernatural entities venturing around a dark background, with zero chance of escaping are the elements that add a mystical note to the otherworldly adventure planned by Fanta. Once these devilish ingredients are mixed, viewers are taken on an unforgettable multisensory adventure, where they can actually feel the horror that spins around the night of the living dead.

Are you brave enough to dive in Fanta’s terrifying experience? If so, then we dare you to step into the company’s spooky elevator and wait until you reach “The 13th Floor.” Just don’t forget to equip yourself with a lot of courage to confront the nightmarish scenes you’re going to see.

Now, let’s assume you have the guts to venture into Fanta’s Halloween party. Since we don’t want to spoil the brand’s hellish VR plot, we’ll just give you a small visual glimpse of what you may experience while being trapped in the virtual elevator:

While the pièce de résistance of the brand’s largest Halloween marketing campaign is the 360-degree experience, the horrifying initiative includes a series of other treats. To show that Fanta is getting really freaky this Halloween, the company summoned Israeli graphic designer Noma Bar to create creepy visuals for its cans and bottles.

The renowned artist spiced up the look of Fanta’s classic packaging with scary seasonal motifs. The limited-edition containers are covered with portraits of horrendous characters. There is an evil skeleton with slices of oranges for eyes, a wrinkled witch with a broken smile, an evil-eyed Dracula, and finally, a grotesque creature that young Frankenstein gave birth to.And that’s not all. To celebrate the night of the evil dead in a modern style, the company prepared a series of exclusive Snapchat filters and lenses, which can only be activated after users scan the QR code available on the Halloween-inspired juice packs.

To enjoy the real-life experience of Fanta’s adventure, British enthusiasts were invited at Westfield Shopping Center and Thorpe Park until 28 October and 1st November respectively. The locations hosted three elevators each where guests got to enchant their senses with 4D elements.

You can still immerse yourself in this freakish drama by viewing the video on YouTube. For a better experience, Fanta recommends you use a Google Cardboard or a VR headset and a good pair of headphones.

Take a deep breath. You’re going to need it if you want to face the rage of strange creatures and forces of evil that will greet you with terror during each stop. Enjoy!


Client: Fanta

Agency: MediaCom Beyond Advertising

Video production: Kode Media

VR company: TrojanVR