LEGO is no longer a game exclusively made for children. The brand’s popular products attract more and more adults, who use them to create spectacular constructions and genuine sculptures worthy of all applause. The company that promotes learning through play gave birth to a new adventure, a place where LEGO fans – adults and children alike – have the chance to make mistakes, experience, and discover the magic of a brick-made world.

The LEGO House located in Billund, Denmark, is made up of 25 million colored blocks and follows a brick-by-brick aesthetic. The fantastic place opened its doors on September 28 and promises to greet its visitors every day of the week. However, there’s an exception on November 24 when, following an agreement with Airbnb, the house will become the playground of a creative family.

LEGO House | Click to enlarge

The campaign is the latest adventure of the home-sharing company’s “Night At” promotion and, even though it was released a day after Halloween, the new episode does not resemble last year’s experience in which Airbnb challenged its most courageous clients to spend a night in Dracula’s Castle.

Unlike the other 3 million homes listed on Airbnb’s website, the LEGO House is available, let’s say… for free. Although Airbnb says, “It’s on us,” the brand expects you to pay for it with a different kind of currency: creativity.

To be the happy guest of the house, you’ll have to pay with 50-500 creative words (300 if you select an Asian language), pack them nicely, and marry them with the question: “If you and your family had an infinite supply of LEGO bricks, what would you build?” There are no right or wrong answers. Just let your imagination run wild and submit your unique idea by November 16. For two days, the jury will analyze your answers according to a number of criteria and then announce the lucky winning family on November 18.

LEGO House | Click to enlarge

One of the finest Master Builders in the world, Jamie Berard, will guide the winners throughout the LEGO experience. The family will have the opportunity to discover the company’s fantastic universe by exploring its impressive wonders, which are made only out of colored bricks.

During the first stop, the family gets to admire the world’s most iconic LEGO model: the Tree of Creativity, made of over 6 million bricks. Next on the list is the Masterpiece Gallery, a world entirely imagined by LEGO fans around the world. Finally, the family will have access to the Zones Experience where they can design cities, build cars, direct movies, and much more. And if the grownups feel nostalgic, then they can visit the house’s basement and track the timeline of LEGO’s history.

The final stop is the place where the winning family gets to spend the night. There are two bedrooms with beds made of LEGO bricks (don’t worry, there’s a mattress for extra comfort), as well as a living room where one can get cozy while enjoying some LEGO TV shows. Everything around the house is made using the colored bricks, and there’s even a pet cat. The accommodation includes BRICKfast in bed and, best of all, there are LEGO-proof slippers to prevent brick-related foot injuries.

But before diving into the vivid world, family members need to bring their winning entry to life. And if the 25 million bricks available there are not enough to contour the concept, there’s no need to worry…the lobby is equipped with a vending machine that dispenses even more LEGO pieces.

James McClure, Airbnb’s General Manager for UK and Nordics claims that the LEGO adventure reflects Airbnb’s core value to help people experience unforgettable journeys: “What could be more magical than having the brand new LEGO House all to yourselves for the night? This really is a dream come true for any family with a passion for LEGO and I doubt there will be much sleeping as there is so much to enjoy in this incredible space.”


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