June 24th, 2018 will probably be remembered as the day when women were allowed to make a step forward in Saudi Arabia’s history, in one of the world’s most conservative countries. From this day on, a ban preventing female drivers from driving got finally lifted. Now, women are equal to men in terms of driving at least. They are the ones who can take the lead from now on.

To celebrate this wonderful occasion, German car manufacturer Audi launched a new commercial that greets women of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with open arms. Or with open doors to be more specific. In partnership with thjnk Hamburg GmbH, the automaker released a one-minute-long video titled “Doors,” in which the brand celebrates women behind the wheel.

The ad focuses on a Saudi couple as they prepare to leave their house on June 24th, the exact day when the ban ended. The main protagonist puts on her veil while her husband respectfully waits to open the first door for her.

The man then continues to perform more acts of reverence, opening all the doors for the lady as they make their way out of the house. They both arrive to their parking spot, where an Audi awaits. But as both of them are heading towards the car, the woman picks up the pace, so this time, she can be the one providing the chivalry act.

In the same respectful manner, the woman asks the gentleman to kindly allow her to be the one that opens the door this time. But much to his surprise, she nods her head, suggesting that he’s the one to sit in the passenger seat. And that’s something that would not have been possible to happen before, but not this time… Just watch the video below yourselves!

Directed by Nacho Gayán and produced by Stink Films Berlin, the mini video hit the screens in Saudi Arabia on June 24, with the recently-opened first-ever cinema in the Saudi capital Riyadh hosting the first viewing of the short movie. It was then distributed all around the globe.

Speaking about the campaign, Jörg Dietzel, Head of Global Creative and Sales Media at Audi AG, said in a press release: “With this film, we welcome the women of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the world of Audi. We are happy to be part of their future explorations and invite them to have lots of fun with our cars.”

“We are very proud to celebrate this historic moment together with our client Audi. Occasion-related communication is always very relevant, of course. Even better if the occasion is such as this,” concludes Armin Jochum, Joint-CEO and CCO, thjnk AG.

With more than 120,000 ladies waiting to gain their driver status in Saudi Arabia, car manufacturers now have to rethink their marketing strategy. How do you invite women into this relatively new industry? One way is Audi’s idea. The other? Maybe Ford’s awesome invitation to ask women to get behind the wheel.

Do you have any other ideas or know other car brands that have brought similar concepts to life to welcome women to the driver’s seat? If so, leave us a comment so we can enjoy the nice spots together!

Ford Commercial


Client: Audi

Agency: thjnk